Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I needed these...

...like I needed a hole in my head.

But etsy seller Sandritocat sweetened the deal with free shipping. How could I refuse? And look at the perfect pattern that Ulla scored from her too.

These soon-to-be-in-my-clutches patterns have just about filled my head with visions of darling winter clothes for my girls, all made in muted colors, worn with tights and boots. I was banking on the size 6 being on the big side, like this one is.

If not, I can adjust a bit, right? (ominous music playing here, foreshadowing future sewing-disaster post)


  1. Dear Larissa,

    they are great! Ulla found a wonderful way of making old things new!

    Do you know the book carfree clothes for girls? I think you might like it, you can find it and some impressions on www.makegoodbooks.com.

    Waiting for your results,
    kind regrads Nina

  2. Adorable!! You totally needed those! I really love the top one - so cute!

  3. These are fabulous, too, Larissa!! No wonder that you had to have them.
    Old patterns tend to have so much elegance to them - just like these. :))

  4. those are great. i have about a dozen vintage patterns that my mom bought when I was little and never used and they are sew much fun to sew with. They are simple easy patterns to read and the finished product is so much cuter than the clothes of today.

  5. Those patterns are super cute!

  6. Heee heee - I have a stack of these that have been on display waiting waiting waiting to be used. If I don't soon the girls will run a mile!


  7. I can see why you needed these. They are CUTE!

  8. Nö,
    I have seen many folks in craft blog world raving over the Carefree Clothes book, so I'm itching to get it. I love the look on the cover.
    PS don't hold your breath on the results. I have been known to take a loooooong while to see my visions through.

    Ulla, can't wait to see what you make from your perfect pattern. thanks for the tipoff about the etsy store.

  9. oooooh, I do want to see the results of these! I have always been afraid of vintage patterns because of the sizing so I will gladly let you do the work and share your tips with me!

  10. Fantastic. Looking forward to seeing what you make. I especially love the cut of the last pattern.

  11. Jane, I think the last one is my favorite too. Ooh love it. Hopin it's easy.

  12. I can't wait to see them sew up. I bought a whole bunch of super fantastic vintage patterns here and brought them home in a brown paper bag which my husband PUT IN THE RECYCLING! They are gone forever.

  13. Great patterns!
    And thank you for your cute Baby Bunny pattern!



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