Wednesday, January 20, 2010

help for haiti

Lots of us are feeling overcome and helpless in the face of the Haitian disaster. If you are looking for something you can do from your own small space, there are so many options available.

Here's a list from Fox News of reputable charities that are accepting donations.

Here is the etsy shop of Craft Hope, where all items are donated and all proceeds go to an organization called Doctors Without Borders, which you can read more about here. They've already raised $10,000! I've offered to donate some of my patterns, but they are so crazy busy with donations they can hardly get them all listed. Amazing.

Hug your kids close. Give thanks. Pray, support, donate, spread the word.

Postscript: blogger Molly says there is another collaborative etsy shop, Hearts for Haiti, which is also raising money for Doctors Without Borders, last tally was $7000+! Go check it out too.


  1. Hearts for Haiti is doing something very similar, also for Doctors without Borders:

    I've sold 7 popup cards through them and they've been quite responsive -- I think there's a team of them -- so give them a try! And get the word out! It's great to be able to help out just by crafting or buying!


  2. My company is matching our donated funds and it's really taking off! I think everyone on my team has donated! It's to see the outpouring of love and support!

  3. I just heard about Hearts for Haiti yesterday! Thanks for the update and getting the word out to the rest of us!


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