Tuesday, January 12, 2010

thank you, Robyn

Robyn just posted about the sweet things she both made and purchased for my family for Christmas. Are we lucky or what? Yes we is.

I had to laugh when we got the package. I had sent their package off to them about the same time, and it turned out we both did the mostly the same things for each other this year, handmade ornaments, handmade toys, gourmet eatables, and good kid books. Go see what we got.


  1. OH! look at how big the girls are!!! We need to make another trip south. I'd love some Thai, too. ;)
    Great job on the gifts, Robyn!!

  2. I don't really think it's fair to make a direct comparison between our gifts, since I so obviously made out like a bandit this year. :)

    Lookin' good, Michelle. Still waiting for a picture at a football game, though...

  3. Jessica, what are you waiting for? I'll meet you there. table for two?

    Robyn, don't hold your breath! ha! And don't be so modest! You rock.

  4. I love your partridge and pear ornaments! They are darling.

  5. I love the gifts from you BFF. I have a bucket full of little wooden heads that everyone looked at me like I was crazy for saving. Now I have an idea!


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