Friday, February 5, 2010

what I'm up to

1) waiting for some sunshine, please.

2) when the sunshine appears, I'll take a photo of this, altered into a tunic.

3) hopefully by then I'll also be able to take a photo of my new dress currently underway (same pattern), which will {fingers crossed} fit better and be something I can wear. In public I mean. I seized this opportunity to try adding a lining also, which turned out pretty good.

4) I am also still practicing crochet. One day I want to make something as beautiful as this! Or at least a scarf.

5) I did some thrifting the other day to find the girls some spring clothes and came home with a bunch of fabric. From which I can theoretically make them some clothes. I mean I couldn't just leave it there. Could I? *snort* Heck no! I'll snap some pictures of that too.

6) The Holland Academy for Young Ladies is in full winter swing here. My five year old is learning to read, and doing a great job reading aloud. The only drawback is she reads only in the voice of Sid the Sloth from Ice Age. My seven year old daily laments being born to write in English, which surely must be one of the weirdest languages in the world*. I just have to continually smile and say, "Nope, it is not spelled at all how it sounds. It's crazy, I know."

*Which brings up the random memory of my chagrined dutch friend Anette exclaiming after she offered me a piece of gum, "It is DentEEN? DENTEEN? But WHY do they spell it DENTYNE when they want you to say DENTEEEEN??" Why indeed, Anette. Why indeed.


  1. That blanket is amazingly beautiful! I think I must make one. I'm going to add that to my project list :). Thanks for sharing!

    Your post made me laugh by the way, *snort*, too funny.

  2. hope sunshine comes your way very soon... have a nice weekend!

  3. I have to agree the sun needs to shine soon.

  4. Ugh, that is how I felt learning French. I finally started ignoring the second half of the word and I usually got it right. :)

  5. You SO can crochet that afghan. It is beautiful, isn't it? I was tempted to impulse buy the pattern, but overcame. I know, I'll buy the pattern, you come down here for a long weekend and we'll work on it together. Deal?

  6. thanks for the sunshiny wishes, y'all. Not looking good for today.

    Katie, I actually do snort when I laugh, so it is true to life. :-)

    Melanie, I'll have to remember that trick to pronouncing french words.

    Robyn, I can? It looks really hard. I haven't learned a granny square yet. But it is on the list. Deal.

  7. I am never so frustrated with the English language as when trying to teach it. My newly 6yo is doing well, I'm a little concerned about her stubborn, "I already know that" sister though! HA!

  8. hope you are able to accomplish all your dress/clothes desires. I'm taking a serger class on tues. night - right smack dab in the same time slot as the purdue game. isn't kev great?!


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