Friday, March 19, 2010


Cup of Wild, watercolor, by Helen Dardik

We Are One, watercolor, by Helen Dardik

I fully support Dardikism, a philosophy which reveres the creative imaginings of Helen Dardik. Ok, I made that up. But her work is so delightful that she should have an -ism.

I've long drooled over her fantastic patterns and illustrations, so imagine my delight to find some original watercolors for sale in her etsy shop. Being the connoisseur of any bracing hot beverage in a mug, I had to have Cup of Wild, and she even threw in (!) another painting entitled We Are One. I need to find some great frames for these so they can go up on my wall.

While I was in a Dardik fever, I went ahead and bought her Embroidery For Little Miss Crafty as well, and it is just chock full of lovely, whimsical things for young girls (or youngish 40 yr olds) to sew and stitch. I might share it with my girls. (And if you missed it last year, here is a very timely, very sweet and very free bunny embroidery pattern on Helen's blog.)


  1. Larissa! Thank you for sharing! What a wonderfull work! Such a great and inspiring artist...
    Makes me miss my watercolor paints and papers... I should pay them a visit!
    Many kisses to you!

  2. thank you for posting her art - it's wonderful... i think i'm going to get her book today! hope you have a great day!

  3. I love her stuff as well. They would be an adorable set on the wall.


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