Monday, April 26, 2010

bunting card a la How About Orange

I really loved this card that Jessica made a while back and decided to try my hand at it for my wonderful mother-in-law's birthday a few days ago.

As you can see, I changed it up a bit, but I used the instructions for the mini bunting and it was easy! Thanks, Jessica! It is so cheerful looking.

I bought some tiny letter stamps in the Dollar Spot at Target a while back and since I now have some ink to go with it (thanks Beth), I've been trying to find any excuse to stamp little letters on things.

Incidentally, one of the many things that makes my MIL, Paula, so wonderful is that she volunteers a bunch of her time, effort and love to an Atlanta organization called My House. Part of her birthday gift from us was a donation to them in her name.

My House provides a loving home and medical care for abandoned and abused babies who are ready to leave the hospital, but have nowhere to go. I thought I'd mention them if you are looking for a very worthy cause to donate to or volunteer for. Monetary donations and supplies are always welcomed, and you can also sponsor a baby and receive regular updates on their progress.


  1. wauw, looks great! stamps are always fun!

  2. Hi,
    the bunting card looks great! I just made some as invitation cards for my son`s b-day!
    I`m also stamp addicted!
    Happy day,

  3. you DO have a wonderful MIL! the card is really cute and colorful!

  4. I saw this on How About Orange and loved it there too. Thanks for reminding :).

  5. How fun...these would make great party invitations, wouldn't they?

  6. Robyn, sure if you have a few spare hours. Easy to make but if you have a bunch of invites it might take a while.

  7. Looks great! I've seen that card on her blog, and I think it's wonderful. :)


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