Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the easter dresses that weren't

Girls Style Book, view G

First up is the dress you saw me tinkering with here. It turned out cute and all. I really have nothing against the dress. It's just ginormous. Waaaaaay too big for the oldest child. I'm not sure why I made the 140 cm size. I must have been delusional. It swallows her. Oh, well, maybe she can wear it next year.

I was going to add a parallel line of the magenta binding about 2 inches above the hem just to gussy it up some. Then after I realized how oversized it was, my creative embellishing balloon popped.

The pattern was from my ever-present and well-loved copy of Girls Style Book. Thanks again, Bob. I've had the pattern cut out for months and finally got around to making one. It's the same adorable dress pattern that Alicia Paulson recently made for her future baby girl, only (much much) bigger. And I added a bib instead of the tiny neck bow, because when I saw the endless expanse of tiny purple floral print I thought it needed breaking up a bit.

McCalls 8903

Attempt No. 2. This dress is...just ok. But didn't make the Easter cut. I was going for something special, and this ain't it. Oh, don't get me wrong, it fits the child fine and it went into the closet and it will be worn plenty this summer. I just don't like the fabric I chose. It is way WAY too busy for this pattern. The pattern needed a simple, plain fabric. I kept telling myself that at the same time I was grabbing the dotty stuff. Brazel frat.Why didn't I listen?

The inverted pleat is the cutest thing about the dress. I tried to break up some of those eye-crossing dots by using a solid blue inside it. You can't really see that in the shot above. Here's a shot of it close up:

The pattern is one of those vintage scores I bought from Sandritocat, McCalls 8903. Just like the 6X Simplicity pattern I made for Easter, this one is scaled pretty big for a size 6. It fits my 7.5 year old with room to spare. It was an easy pattern to put together. The pocket construction is pure genius, so too bad I ended up discarding the pockets.

I'm definitely making this one again, in a plain fabric. I have these beautiful shot cottons I bought from recently with nothing better to do.


  1. Love the inverted pleat! And love the dotty fabric, though perhaps it comes across differently in a photo than in person. I have to search for that pattern now!

  2. You did a great job on all of them! It is frustrating to make an outfit, and then it swallow a child. Can some pockets be put on the polka dot dress at this point to break-up the dots? I actually thought about sewing something for all the kids this easter, then thought better. Glad to know I'm not completely delusional. :)

  3. The dot fabric actually doesn't bother me either. Maybe it just needs a felt flower brooch or something up top to kind of break it up? Beautiful job as always :).

  4. OH, all these dresses look great! The first one being too big is a shame but she will fit in it someday, so that's good.

    I like the McCalls pattern so very much and have ordered it myself, I wonder what size it will be (yes, I have no clue I must admit) - maybe I'll get back to you, if I may? Thanks for the hint with plain fabric...

  5. Oh I love the polka dot dress! It is so adorable. I like the large dress too. But that polka dot dress is really something with the green contrast inside. You really did an amazing job with all 4 dresses this year!

  6. I too love the polka dot dress-too cute!

  7. I love those dresses! You did such a great job on them. Maybe you could try a flower applique for the dots dress to break them up. Or at least draw attention from them.

  8. I really like the dotty dress. Inverted pleats look so cool.

  9. My mom had that pattern when I was growing up and I lived in/loved these dresses!

  10. really like the style of dress #2. would it be cute w/ a white embossed cotton bodice piece on top w/ the dots on bottom skirt?

  11. thanks, y'all!

    Jessica, I actually made pockets for the dotty dress, but they were dotty of course, so it hurt my eyes. Left them off. But your idea of solid pockets might work great. I kinda left that dress in the dust in my pursuit of the perfect easter dresses.

    Katie and Freda, tried a flower in various colors. No likey. and thanks!

    Nö, of course, I'd love to hear about it.

    Gigi, maybe. But I think its ultimate fabulosity will be in a solid. Even a combo of solids, like you said.

  12. Honestly, the polka dot fabric is perfect for the vintage vibe of the second dress. Very mod.


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