Wednesday, April 21, 2010

from New Orleans with love

She always makes the packaging something special.

Even included a handmade card in coordinated fabrics.

A beautiful gift came for me recently in the mail. When I opened it I had a nice cry. Then I had to explain this phenomenon to my bewildered children. They love getting packages and presents and can't imagine why I'd want to go and blubber if I got one.

Can you guess what it is? Even if you can, you should go here to see more pictures.

Thank you so much for all the love (and angst) that went into making it, Robyn! It makes me happy just to look at it, and it will be cherished.


  1. I actually saw it on Robyn's blog last week (?) when she posted about it - it's gorgeous! You're so lucky to have such a lovely friend!

  2. I completely understand your tears, what a wonderful gift to receive. Knowing how much work/love went into it makes me wanna cry!

  3. I would SO have a cry too! It's beautiful. Lucky you!!

  4. Beautiful...totally with you about the tears!! What a beautiful gift to receive... Enjoy!!



  5. It is so beautiful. I too can understand the tears! I bought an Arcadia layer cake and have never used it. This quilt makes me want to start cutting into it immediatly....lucky you, enjoy it!

  6. Wow, Larissa!
    That is THE perfect gift!
    It's so nice to have good friends!!

    kisses from Brazil!

  7. It is beautiful and I can understand you cried - sometimes those are the best gifts, the ones that make us cry...

  8. I was happy to read that your back will be able to get better. I know those kind of pains far too well, and sure wouldn't hope for you to suffer.

    Well, since I haven't been reading blogs for a while (due to my lousy back!!) I also wanted to wish your husband a very happy birthday. I hope he had a lovely day.
    I know what you mean with the words in the cards, but they are so important. I love to take out cards which people have given me through time. It's so heartwarming. :))

    Have a wonderful weekend, Larissa. I send you my best thoughts and hope that your back gets well soon. :))

  9. Thank you everybody, y'all are so sweet. She's a really great friend isn't she?

    Ulla, sending you LOTS of empathy and hugs for your back too! I'm so sorry that continues to be a problem for you. Maybe the seamstress's cross to bear huh? Yes, my husband had a great birthday. He wanted NO party and NO fuss, so that is what I gave him. And some really great sushi.


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