Monday, May 3, 2010

make for mom, from the archives

While I'm still searching for something 1) useful 2) cheap 3) stunning to make for my sisters that I haven't made them already, here are some handmade gift ideas for you from the hallowed annals of mmmcrafts:

kinder, gentler headband cover tutorial

love you bookmarks -- they are not just for Valentines anymore.

And you still have time to whip up a messenger bag for mom, tutorial here. May I suggest a flower on the flap? Perhaps a really big one of these? They look so lush. You will need to sew it on after the bag is finished, not before.


  1. So many lovely ideas,thanx!!!
    Happy day,

  2. Very sweet ideas! What will you make for yours I wonder - but of course you'll keep the secret...

  3. I love the flower card. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Oh I love the flower cards. I have trying to think of something to make my daughter for her mom's day and my sister...I am going to do your tutorial make those stunning flower cards..thanks for the idea. :) Debb

  5. :-) Nö, yes, it is such a secret that I don't even know what I'm making.

    Love to see y'all's cards or projects when they are done.

  6. Those flower cards are lovely. We made a (much simpler) version at playgroup with the little ones.

  7. Beautiful as usual! Thanks for the eye candy!
    I gave you a blog a Simply The Best blog award this morning. Come and claim it if you like!
    I love reading your craft adventures!

  8. such cute stuff! what to choose to do...

  9. Wonderful creative ideas!Thank you for your tutorials!


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