Thursday, May 27, 2010

Simplicity 3835, embroidery follow up

Remember this dress? I couldn't leave well enough alone and a few weeks ago I went ahead with the embroidery around the neck and pockets. I do like it, it adds a certain something.

I keep thinking the pockets needed a bigger punch though, like rosettes or huge colorful flowers or something. But then I kept wondering if calling that much attention to my hips was a good thing.

I have more plans for Simplicity 3835, oh, yes. I'm going to make a peasant blouse and a dress with the peasant neckline from some IKEA yardage I have.

I've also been industriously wacking up my bootcut jeans, which I suddenly feel weird wearing. I remember thinking I'd always feel wonderful in them no matter where the trends went. I guess I am, in fact, a mindless slave to the whims of fashion. I'm making some into straight jeans and some into capris or shorts for the summer.


  1. Great embroidery!

    I still like wearing my Bootcut Jeans - it will all come back, we know that and until then they are being worn, patched and even more washed out...

    But I like your idea of recycling them and I have one pair I will definitely have to cut as well - we'll see which lenght...

    How's your back?


  2. I love the embroidery you did. Very cute, it really spices up the dress!

    I, by the way, still wear my bootcut jeans. I just think they look great. But I have to admit I am not that fashionable. Most of the times I start to like something new when it's almost OUT of fashion again :-D

  3. Dear Mindless Slave to Fashion,

    You may want to save at least one pair for when bootcuts come back in to fashion, like, tomorrow. There are just far too many hippy women out there, like myself, who find them flattering. Just sayin'.

    On the other hand, I can't wait to see what you're doing. I have a pile of old khakis pulled out of my closet to crop, too. I'm sure you'll get to yours first. :)

    I really like the embroidery. I noticed it when I tried that dress on at your house, but couldn't remember if I'd seen it before. Then I forgot to ask. :)

  4. Nö, Karin, and She Who Is Not A Mindless Slave To Fashion, I sincerely wish that bootcuts will come back into vogue. I really like how they look on me. I didn't partake until they had been 'in' for a couple of years, so I feel like I didn't get my full turn. Most of the pants I'm chopping have existing problems, ie: they have gotten too short or are too flared for my liking.

  5. Gotcha, Larry. Just couldn't stand to see you chopping your nice jeans. Sorry to project my sewing angst on you.

    She Who is Stuck in the Nineties

  6. Ha ha greeting from here, too - as well stuck in the 90s (that's how our mothers must have felt many years ago and now it all comes back) and they ask "Oh no, we had that, how can you wear it?"...

  7. The embroidery is beautiful. Great colors!

    I still rock the bootcut jean as well :). It's a pretty classic shape I feel.

  8. the embroidery looks great!

    Can't wait to see what you did with your jeans. I still can't bring myself to cut up my own clothes. Right now so few of them fit. :)


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