Tuesday, July 13, 2010

silk skirt to tunic

Five minutes in our yard and already scratching at bug bites.

I just revamped another piece from the Fabric-Store-That-Is-My-Closet. Before its second life as a tunic for my almost 8 yr old, it was a long, shapeless washable silk skirt of mine. I think I bought it years ago from Eddie Bauer. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it before I started whacking it apart. (These projects sometimes happen spontaneously {especially when I should be doing something else}). It was nothing special, but the fabric is fabulous.

She really loves the silky feel on her skin and the billowy effect as she runs. The child has never had any clothes made from other than knits and cottons, so this was new to her. She keeps asking to wear it everywhere.

Girls Style Book, View L, front

Girls Style Book, View L, back

After I cut off all the skirt's waistband elastic and seams and picked out the hem and darts, I was ready to lay the pieces out for cutting my pattern. I was hoping to get a dress out of it for her instead of a tunic, but there just wasn't enough fabric. I omitted the ruffles on the sleeves this time. (You can see previous ones here and here.)

I think this pattern looks similar to the Ice Cream Dress from Oliver + S. I may try it again from cotton or linen and lengthen it to a dress with some color blocking. I love love love this one and this one.


  1. so adorable! That's so great when you can repurpose something you don't wear. Love the design and yes, it does look like the ice cream dress. :)

  2. Turned out so great! Love her sandals as well! Mind sharing what brand they are? They look perfect for summer.

  3. Katie, not at all. They are the seemingly everywhere Salt Water sandals. Apparently a summer classic that I just clued into this year. Here is their official catalog, but you can buy them in several places online:

  4. Lovely !! I love that little tunic, the color is so cute and the pictures make me wanted to be in that lovely spot without the bugs :)

    Your daughter is so cute !

    have a good night

  5. So cute-you're such a sewing inspiration!! :)

  6. Great idea! I really need to start digging through my closet to see what fabric treasures I can find. But even more than the tunic, I love her reaction to the silk. So sweet! :)

  7. hehe, I thought it was the O+S top version before I got to the bottom of your post! Looks great!

  8. That shirt is absolutely adorable and I would wear it myself! I have that book and haven't gotten up the nerve to try anything from it yet, thanks for the inspiration!

  9. "especially when I should be doing something else" -- exactly. :) that is a recipe for inspiration around here, too!

  10. LOVE salt water sandals... I had a white pair as a little girl and need to buy myself a 'big girl' pair before summer! They were awesome.


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