Tuesday, August 24, 2010

brain goes click, ruffler goes stitch stitch stitch CLINK

Project Concept: Make two quickie elastic waist plain denim skirts for the girls to layer over leggings. Nothing fancy, need something basic.

End Product: One tiered and ruffled skirt, with one matching peasant top for the oldest.

Kinda sorta Modkid Nina, view C-ish

Ok, so there was some deviation from the original project concept. But I really like the result. I was cutting out the simple skirt found in my Modkid Nina pattern, and I wasn't even going to add the contrast band at the bottom, you know, KISS. My goal was to knock out two skirts in a short amount of time so I could get to some other stuff that needed doing.

Then I thought (hear small click of left brain disengaging here), wouldn't it look cute with a ruffle at the bottom? No big schmeal. Won't add much time. And it would be a great opportunity to use my ruffler gadget, which has been sitting idle for a long time.

Then I got the first ruffle done and attached on the bottom and then I thought, wow, that IS really cute, but it would be even BETTER with a second tier of ruffles above that one. Won't add much more time, really. Might as well, since I have my ruffler out already.

Then I got that one on and just loved it. Now the skirt was actually kinda special, not a plain layering piece. I thought, since I've spent so much time and effort on the skirt, I should really make a matching top so it would be a complete outfit. And looky there, I have the perfect fabrics already in my stash. How about that.

So then I made a Modkid Nina top to go with the skirt, adding more ruffles (stitch stitch stitch CLINK) to the placket, elastic and bias binding to the sleeves and also a band on the bottom for contrast. Ok, and because the top was too short.

Nice twirl factor, always a draw to the young ladies. It will look so cute with boots and maybe a long t-shirt layered underneath for the colder months.

As I view it on a twirling Thing 1 above, I'm thinking the skirt is a bit long/big, but I guess that leaves room to grow. At the rate she is eating, I expect some vertical progress over the winter.

So now of course I also need to make a similar (but not the same oh, no) outfit for Thing 2. I'm thinking the skirt will have a hem decorated with a series of horizontal tucks and a shirt with some tucks on the placket.

Yes, my time management methodology is a trainwreck, hard to look at really. But my creative side is certainly happy. My inability to focus on what needs to be done in favor of experimentation is all part of my charm. Right? Unless you live with me. Still need to make those two skirts, only now I have to buy more denim. I'm really in a fall clothes making mood, and looking forward to seeing what Meg decides about school clothes week.


  1. Mmm...sounds like we need a poem here. "If you give a sewing Mom a ruffler then she's going to..."
    LOVE the finished project! I often find myself doing the same thing :)

  2. Absolutely love the outfit, Larissa!
    And I wish I had this gathering gadget of your... (though the math side of it bugs me off a little...)

    I have the same time management issues! =S

    hugs from Brazil!

  3. Wauuu, it is beautifull.
    Just a lovely outfit for a schoolgirl. Nice work.
    Hi from Denmark

  4. I LOVE this outfit! I can just imagine that skirt getting tons of use in about a million different combinations. This makes me want to get out my stash of to-do projects, but it will have to wait for now. Nice work as always!

  5. That is so, soooo CUTE!! I see a lot of new-for-school outfits in the blogs I follow, and I just shake my head at some of them. ;) But yours is adorable!

  6. Love hoe this outfit turned out! The shirt is fantastic and looks so great with the skirt. Effort well worth it. I bet your daughter is one happy girl. Looks great on her.

  7. Hello Larissa! I love your blog and all the things you sew! I also love how this outfit turned out. I am a beginner sewer and wonder if you wouldn't mind explaining how you attached the ruffle to the main skirt. My girl has a skirt that would look great with a ruffle. I assume you sewed the ruffle to the skirt, right sides together, then flipped the ruffle and topstitched? Thank you for your help!
    PS: I commented earlier but am not sure whether the comment went through or not. Sorry if there is a duplicate!

  8. Oh I so sympathize with the simplicity going out the window issues. I finally made myself a purse last night. I decided I NEEDED an internal zipper pocket, and a gathered one for good measure...doubled the time it took, but it turned out well. The ruffled skirt is fabulous.

  9. Hey, thanks everyone! Nice to know there are other easily distracted sewers out there.

    Grandma G, part of the reason I like to sew for the girls is for some reason when you get above the toddler sizes, some store clothes start looking really...erm...MATURE in style for a little girl. My 8 year old is not going around in a mini skirt that has Friend Me written across the rear.

    Ana, you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how I did it.

    Chris, purse sounds fabulous! Have yet to tackle a zipper pocket.

  10. I love the skirt! My daughter would SO love it and it's twirl factor. However, I am not sure that I am anywhere near ready to tackle something like this. Nice to dream though!

  11. Oh! So cute! Make one for me, please? I love the ruffles, and what girl doesn't need a little ruffled denim skirt?!

  12. Sooooo pretty... dresses and ruffles, it's a perk to having girls... great job!

  13. Oh Larissa...it's darling! So cute. I love the ensemble, especially the little red buttons :)

  14. Hello! I am new here! I just found out your blog! Had to stop by and say that you've made a truly gorgeous outfit!

  15. Pretty, pretty outfit, Larry. I love the colors on the blouse. And that first twirling picture - too cute.

    Very wise of you to make a wear-with-everything denim skirt with some style. Aud's outgrowing one I made for her, so I guess I need to get cracking on a new one. Then again, I've had one on the to do list for myself all summer so methinks the girl will have to wait.

  16. Dana, you have a thing for buttons don't ya? Me too. My favorite store in Delft, NL was lined on both walls with countless bins of color sorted vintage buttons. I could have spent all day there.

    Little Treasures, welcome!

    Robyn, ooh, I wanna see the skirt you make for you! get crackin.

  17. Vertical progress is enough on thing 1 as is. Can she reach the top shelf in the cabinet, yet?
    Loving the fall-ish look, too. Can't go wrong with denim!

  18. just so darn cute! I love the fabric choices.

  19. LOVE it!! I have had this pattern sitting out trying to decide what fabrics to use. Now I HAVE got to get to it!! Love all the things you make!

  20. You've paired beautiful fabrics for the top, & I love seeing those ruffles twirl! I can't wait to see what you put together for Younger Daughter.


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