Friday, August 20, 2010

feeling fallish

Still hot as the blue blazes around here, but can't help feeling all cozy and brownish somehow with all the back to school sale ads and new sweaters crowding the stores. I cashed in a gift certificate to Whipstitch for that yummy knit stripe on the left* and then I found the patterned cottons on sale at Hancocks in Huntsville recently. I really dig that chevron print. I can see it as a sweet dress or tunic for the girls, with the other cottons as accents.

I was also very glad to find a great selection of wide black elastic at Hancocks in HuntsVegas. I can't find that stuff anywhere online or here in my burb. I was completely mystified by that. Is there such a high demand that supplies are running low? Do you have a source online for it? Do share. Looking forward to experimenting with a t-shirt/elastic waist/gathered skirt type dress for the girls. And maybe moi.

*I'm getting quite a nice selection of knits while at the same time being incapable of turning on my serger and learn how to use it. Never thought it would be sitting for months untouched. Mental block. (banging head repeatedly on desk.) I keep thinking if I buy enough super cute knits it will force my hand out of sheer guilt. I did finally also buy some cones of thread, so I'm ready to jump when the block finally crumbles.

P.S. Unrelated but super cute: Did y'all see what Robyn sent my Thing 1 for her birthday? A beginner's embroidery kit, which she loves to death. I'm biding my time and waiting until she is distracted to steal it for myself.


  1. Hi! I love this colors!
    Hugs, Luciana.

  2. Yummy - those are lovely fabrics!

  3. I bought some knits back in the winter/spring and then bought a serger for my birthday in June. I just used it for the first time last week to make my son some recycled pants...I'm going to have to say that I obviously don't understand how to use mine. I hope you have better luck when you get around to using yours. And I hope I can get past my "I messed up one thing" block that I have now!

  4. I hear you about the serger block. Maybe I should come down for a visit and we can hit Laura up for a lesson or two. Although, we probably wouldn't get much sewing done. :)

  5. I'm with you on being ready for fall. Love those fabrics.
    As far as the serger - I have been waiting to buy one for just that reason - I am afraid I'll be afraid to use it!! So I'm one step behind you haha.

  6. Good luck using the serger! When I bought mine, it stayed in the box for a year before I used it & it was simple. A cd came with it, so I watched the "how-to" on my screen, pressing pause and doing the directions on the machine.
    Good luck!

  7. I love those fabrics. LOVE them!
    As for the wide elastic and sewing with kit block, Farbenmix patterns and ottobre alwasy get be out of a ditch! And Crafty Mamas (link on my blog) has wide boxer elastic if that helps.

  8. Great colors! I do have to ask though...what is the trick to sewing knits. I can sew cotton to my heart's content without issue, but have SUCH an issue if I try my hand at knits...

    Do I need a different foot on my machine? Different needles do nothing.

  9. Thanks, y'all. I am itching to cut and sew with those cottons. I've actually read many reviews and heard folks I've met sing the praises of how easy to use my particular model of serger is. That's why I bought it. I have just not even plugged it in yet. It even came with a CD. I'm just going to have to block some time. Tomorrow will be good, I'll have the house to myself.

    Carolyn, thanks for the wide elastic resource!

    Amy, there are two schools of thought there. Dana of Made and also Wendy Mullin says one requires no special machine to sew knits, you just have to be very careful not to stretch the fabric as you sew and use the proper needle. I on the other hand have all kinds of problems when I try to sew knits with the regular machine. That is why I bought a serger, so I could expand my horizons to include stretch fabrics. Stay tuned.

  10. Hi Larissa,

    Try this AWESOME book! It's old, but oh so good- I bought a used Juki serger at a garage sale, and I am really trying to dive right in and make things. This book is so great- it is good for any, ANY overlocker you have- it has explained so much to me!
    Here is a link:

  11. Angie, thanks a bunch for the reference link!


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