Monday, August 2, 2010

good stuff

Here are a couple of visual delights for you:

image by Adele Enersen, Mila's Daydreams

First up, Mila's Daydreams. A Finnish copywriter on maternity leave, Adele Enersen is capturing a series of whimsical photographs of her sleeping baby that are all quickly designed, set up, and shot while Mila dreams away. Amazing.

image by Elsa Mora, Dolls Have Feelings Too

Next, I had no clue that omni-talented Elsita had started making dolls again, but here is her lush blog devoted to the art of dollmaking. It is truly mesmerizingly wondrous, and if you are 1) fast 2) lucky you can purchase one in her etsy shop. Go feast your eyes on her paper clay creations like Amelia and Osvaldo (shown above) . Also, go to her main blog if you can and send her an encouraging word or two. Her dear brother is in a fight for his life with cancer right now.

Makes the small stuff in my life seem really really small.


  1. That's some gorgeous inspiration, I &love* that doll! I'll definitely pop over and check these 2 out :D

  2. The baby is adorable - what a funny idea. Love the little doll!!

  3. I love these baby vignettes. What a great keepsake album they'll make!

  4. Great doll. Sigh...If only for a few more hours every day, I might actually be able to enjoy all the crafts/art I'd like to! I would love to learn to make dolls!

  5. Those babies are my favorite. I need to have one! :D


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