Thursday, August 5, 2010

ushered into Eightness

Modkid Nina, View A

More birthday making for my oldest girly girl this time. How can she be eight? She insists on getting older each year, despite my pleading. Eight sounds a lot older than seven to me, somehow. Right? Eight sounds very dangerously close to ten. And ten has double digits! ack ack ack! She's stepped through some invisible portal between 'little girl' and 'older girl' girl now.

I'll adjust.

I was relieved there were no requests for handmade stuffies this time, just wasn't in the mood. Instead, she is all about amassing zhu zhu pets and zhu zhu pet environments and zhu zhu pet outfits from the birthday money she is receiving. (We are also giving her a big package of Magic Treehouse books to offset the battery-operated hamster overload.)

But I did make her a special birthday outfit as planned, which is the same Modkid pattern as the one I made in May for Thing 2. Summer may be waning in the northern US but here in Georgia temperatures will stay in the 80s and 90s for the next two months, so she'll wear it a good bit.

I used the other colorway of the AMH Garden Party fabric I scored a while back for $3.50 a yard paired with red cotton polka dots. The photos don't really give the AMH colors a fair shake. They are really eye popping, so cheerful.

I actually made the 8 year old the same size top that I made for the 6 year old and the armholes are still a bit too large. I felt kinda dumb over that one, since I had noted that the first time around but I thought since she was 8 and the size is 5T that would make up the difference. It's not too bad, totally wearable because of the adjustable ties and looks very cute. Even more gratifying was that she wanted to put it on as soon as the last stitch was sewn.

And I put together another birthday mix tape since the one I did for Thing 2 back in May was such a stellar hit with both girls. It's really fun trolling through iTunes and handpicking the songs I know she loves and ones she doesn't know she will dig yet. And yes, I secretly enjoy the Miley Cyrus song. A lot. Don't tell anyone.

Her party is this weekend and I'm glad I can once again use the felt bunting I made in May. Decorations, done. I so love re-usable.


  1. Adorable outfit. We do birthday cds too. It's fun to put together their favorite songs. My kids love Party in the USA and so do I.

  2. A birthday cd, what a great idea!

    The outfit is adorable. I am sure she looks very cute in it!

  3. Love the birthday outfit! And an awesome idea with the CD...I might have to borrow that one. My oldest also turns 8 this year...and I feel you on the yikes feeling about them being so close to double digits, how did that happen?

  4. Hi Larissa,
    My eldest daughter will turn 8 this month too. I totally agree that it is getting way too close to double digits (when she hits double digits, I reach another age milestone myself - ughhh!). The birthday compilation CD is a fantastic idea. I was just thinking the other day about some of the songs that I loved when I was a girl and that I really should introduce them to my daughter. I might just have to pinch your idea too ;-)

  5. Oh, Larissa, I'm getting goosebumps for my baby who is turning one, can't imagine how will I be when she turns 8!!! I agree, sounds like a weird big diference between 7 and 8... And don't get me satrted on 10!

    It's cliche but true: they DO grow up TOO FAST!

    I love the outfit and the mix tape. I share that secret passion of yours! ^^

    many many kisses from Brazil, and have a nice party!!!!!!

  6. Growing up, it's a scary thing, my son starts school in September, you know it'll just be me blubbing as i have already alot!

    Loveing the new blog layout, love the outfit, do wish i felt more confident with a machine but hey an octapus i am not and i feel the creativness is a bit overwhelming at best, deceiding what to do and all. Bye for now :)

  7. so nice and all the best to your sooo big now girl!!!
    What a supernice idea to share the soundtrack - I will post about at kleinformat-blog - may I?
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas!!!
    good luck

  8. Wow, eight sounds reasonable, independant, supportive to me BUT I might be wrong as we celebrated the fourth recently (and third again in a couple of months). But yes it sounds very old...

    You are right, you will adjust, you did with No.1 though.

    The outfit is very sweet and I like the CD idea (liked it in May also). I will have to look the Birthday girls wish up, I have no idea what zhu zhu is (might be a cultural thing or a matter of mother unawareness...

    Have a great Birthday weekend and congratulations to you too, her day of Birth was a special day for you, too...

  9. OK, got it! "They're so fun without a mess" that was a part that absolutely convinced me : )

    I wonder if they will be available in Germany, will lgo and check, because our tall girl wanted some real ones, Daddy and me not really....

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  11. My son turned 8 in January and I had kind of a tough time because it seemed so much older than 7 to me too! So glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way. But you're right you will adjust. And somehow having him turn 9 in a few months doesn't seem that bad now. Guess 8 was a turning point.

    Cute outfit! I really like how al the modkid patterns look and am hoping to make some. Is the size on the whole shirt really off or are just the arm holes large? I have really small children so that will be something for me to take into consideration.

  12. Really sweet outfit, Larry. Happy birthday to your girl from all of us. She'll be getting her package soon. Love you all!

    (btw, speaking of MTH books, Aud's been listening to them NONSTOP on cd. She now knows all there is to know about macropods, apparently.)

  13. wow. 8. I know life has gone on for me, but everyone else's is suppose to go on pause until we can visit. :) tell her happy birthday from us. Love the outfit, too!

    we have some MTH love going on around here too. G has one big problem with attention. she has none. one day i will be getting on her to put the book down and do whatever work she is avoiding. looking forward to it. ;)

  14. Nö, I hope you can find them in Germany! They are pretty cute. Zhu zhu pets make entertaining noises and you don't have to change the cedar chips. Just change the batteries.

    Tabitha, the modkid pattern is great. Very easy to put together and great instructions. The sizing is a bit off for my kids, but so is the sizing on every other pattern I've bought for my kids. The shirt seems a bit on the big size, and I'd make the armholes smaller. The skirt seems right on target sizewise.

    Jess, I sure wish we could see your growing family! post more pictures.

    Robyn, can't wait for Abby to open the big box of MTH! Thanks for tipping me off about them.

  15. I love the music you chose for the Birthday CD. I add to my daughters ipods all the time and have to include some of my own favorites for exposures sake. Their playlists also include Yael Naim,La Roux, and B-52's! I'm going to steal The Buggles, Elvis Costello, and Thompson Twins for the next time they get a iTunes gift card. I have one for you that has become my 7 year olds favorite: Happy Birthday by Altered Images.

  16. I love custom mix tapes as party favors! It's such a fun idea!

  17. The outfit is great. Always love teal and red. Hope the party went fantastically :). My oldest will be heading to school next fall. How does time pass so quickly??


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