Friday, September 17, 2010

found in the flat file

I was rooting around in the compressed strata of my overstuffed flat file looking for watercolor paper and I ran across this pen drawing from college.

I wish I could remember where I saw the medieval image. Probably a woodcut? I vaguely remember the project rules. You had to pick an everday object laying around your dorm room (in this case I chose my ancient Columbiana Elementary school t-shirt*) and then interpret that object in as many ways as you possibly could on paper.

As I paged through the old sketchbook, I found all kinds of really lame, contrived still lifes and compositions featuring the T-shirt, but this one made me smile.

It always makes me cringe to look through sketchbooks from high school and college, but I always look anyway. I can't help myself. Where is that younger mystery person? Some of her stuff makes the Liger drawing look pretty sophisticated.

*That's Columbiana, Alabama, if you know where that is.


  1. I love this. It's charming and funny.

    BTW, I know what you mean about cringing. I made myself frame a hideous watercolor PENCIL drawing/painting I did in high school of some sort of green-skinned, anorexic elf. Back then I thought green skin and Barbie-doll proportions were pretty. Framing it at least reminds me that my creative talents have not regressed as adult responsibilities have absorbed my time. Not at all. :)

  2. I know what you mean about cringing, but that's a pretty good drawing! My best doesn't look that good!

  3. You've got skills. I hear you're pretty good with the bo staff, too.

  4. It looks like an interpretation of Martin Luther and his wife, Katharina Van Bora. I think I've seen the print too, but I can't find where. I think it's a really good job!

  5. kris@thebigboat, thanks. that is sounding familiar now. I'll have to look around for the image, it is really buggin me.


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