Tuesday, September 28, 2010

happy birthday, mom

Mom and me at Epcot. I love you, Mom!

I guess they are not destined to be kings of England.

Ginormous crane = new princess-related construction going on

The whole gang, minus me, the photographer

Me and Schmoopie dear in Mexico (via Epcot)

My lovely mom had never been to DisneyWorld, and last Tuesday was a BIG birthday for her. And they were running the free meal plan deal again. Free food. So, duh.

My sister Lita, her husband Mark and her comedian son, Andrew came too. And it was his 17th birthday on Friday too. So it was double the fun this time! My awesome Schmoopie planned our itinerary and we all had a fabulous time. He has missed his calling as a trip planner.

One thing I apparently did not remember was how bad the coffee was at Disney hotels. Blech. Undrinkable brown water, both the in-room kind and at the restaurant. My mom, sister and I would wordlessly roll our eyes at each other in coffee deprivation camaraderie every morning as we dragged ourselves to another park sans a morning infusion. If we go again, I'm stuffing my purse full of Via packets.

A couple of highlights were the 3 minutes of fame we enjoyed. My husband was 'that guy' on the Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland, and my oldest daughter and I got to speak with Crush in Turtle Talk. We even shared a turtle dad/human mom moment together. Totally sweet.

I did make my mom a booklet card with photos of her gorgeous self through the years, but it was late on the night before we left so I didn't take photos of it. Same thing for Andrew's card. But I like the booklet format so I may do a tutorial on it one day.

As a parting souvenir from Disney, I took home a nasty virus. I feel like poo. Just thankful it is me this time and not the girls. Praying the rest of us are spared...

(Hey, Melissa at Hatchalah Kalah, since you had trouble finding the guest post on T-shirt alterations, I re-posted the full tutorial on my blog for you. Hope that helps!)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! One nice thing about home schooling is you can travel when it's not peak tourist season a little more easily. Glad you are having so much fun!

  2. Glad you all got to go again! Was it more fun the second time?

  3. So fun! Can't wait to take my kids there someday. I haven't been in years! I used to live in SW Florida but moved after finishing Middle School. It's been a few years :).

  4. Mama Pea, yessiree, Bob! Love not having to go at peak times. Plus you can get some great deals.

    Jessica, we loved it again. Actually Lydia requested to go back there next Sunday. It wasn't the same as the first time, but just as fun. We were smarter, got to fit in more fun things. It was great seeing my mom experience it for the first time.

    Katie, I highly recommend it. They really treat families with kids nicely. However, just me myself and I, I'd wait until you don't have to deal with a stroller. More fun for Mommy.

  5. lovelly pictures, Larissa!!
    I visited Disney World when I was 15yo. But my husband never went there and we want to go a take Lilla while she is still little. I'm thinking a couple years from now, when she turns 3...

    many hugs from Brazil!

  6. That sounds like so much fun! And so, so nice that you could share that with your mom. We're hoping to drag my parents down there some time soon. Maybe we should enlist Schmoopie to keep an eye out for the next free food deal for us...

  7. Thalita, I thought of you when we were at Epcot because we were standing next to a young couple from Brazil during the fireworks. You'll have so much fun bringing Lilla.

    Robyn, I think this is a list of dates: http://www.squidoo.com/DisneyFreeDiningPromotion

  8. Sounds like a funny day and happy belated birthday to your mom!


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