Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Never used ready-made hem facing before. But it was cheap. And look at the pretty colors. Is it just as good as making your own facing? And the lacy seam binding. I remember using my mom's seam binding to make sashes for my Barbie outfits. And that is the last time I've used it.

Knitting needles. Because some day I might learn to knit. The little frames are begging for a coat of paint and something small and cute inside. Charcoal pencil. Can't pass that up for 25 cents. And a bag of wooden clothespin doll stands, because some day I might need to make some wooden clothespin dolls.

I couldn't resist the hoops either. One is missing the screw though. Didn't notice that until later.

This crazy hot pink denim might make a great jacket, jumper or bottoms for the girls.

Prints I couldn't resist.

And two greys, top one a cotton canvas and bottom one a synthetic suiting of some kind.

I have signed my girls up for P.E. once a week, so now I have an hour and fifteen minutes each Wednesday to wander aimlessly through a nearby thrift shop. I'm going to have to get more shelving in my craft room.


  1. Great finds! Especially the oval embroidery hoop. I hear those are hard to come by. :)

  2. Oh my goodness those are fantastic finds! I found some woman's whole sewing kit (a giant yellow suitcase)for $3 a while back and I LOVED looking through it. The prints you found are fantastic, I love the black and white check and is that second one little vintagey mushrooms? Love!

  3. On second look, maybe they are flowers? Whatever, they are still cute.

  4. I love thrift store craft supplies! Good finds!

  5. such fun! What great treasures and it reminds me to stop in my local store. you never know what you are going to find.

  6. WOW!!! that's awesome!
    i was at the thrift store not too long ago and i got about six or seven pairs of knitting needles for a dollar! i don't knit yet... but i know i want to!! lol

  7. How can you stand having time to just wander around stores and dream and create?! Life is rough. Bet the girls are having almost as much fun as you. ;)

  8. Great finds! Can't wait until my little one starts some sort of preschool program, it is REALLY hard to thrift with a 2 year old!

  9. Lucky you, I love the prints especially. Wish I had a thrift store nearby with such goodies. Love thrift store shopping.

  10. Cute finds! That white fabric with the flower prints could be used for some cool applications :).

    Be careful with the hem facing! On another blog I read that someone used old hem facing (thrifted, too), and it totally washed out, leaving stains on the handmade clothing :(.

  11. Hey! Just wanted to say I love your blog! Thanks for sharing so many tutorials. I'm a fellow Christ follower & SAHM and loving crafting right now! Blessings :)

  12. Bargain haul of stash. Especially like the fabric.

  13. Hey, everybody! Sorry to be responding so late to comments. Welcome to the newcomers. Thanks y'all for your comments, I'm really looking forward to Wed this week I have to tell you. I need to take my daughters this time though because my youngest lost a tooth and she now has a dollar to blow. Where else is she going to get anything worthwhile for a dollar?

    Rachael, of course the oval one is the one missing the screw. I guess one of the other hoops can sacrifice to its ovalness.

    Pinksuedeshoe, what a score and a half. Including the yellow suitcase! It's flowers, but yeah, it's cute.

    Lizzie, now you have to learn after such a bargain. right?

    Jessica, I know that sounds like heaven to you especially. Tell superKev you need an afternoon to yourself!

    Miss Sews It All, yep, verrrrry difficult with a toddler. Mine are 6 and 8, much easier, but I still like going solo. I can think better.

    Wow, Gabi. Thanks for the warning! Maybe I should wash it all before using. Think I will.

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