Monday, November 29, 2010

help please?

Hi, I'm going to use this blog as a think tank. I'm on the lookout for a book my sister Lita got when we were kids, c. 1974, give or take a few years. And I can't remember the title or the author. But I do remember loving it so much. And I'd love to find a copy.

Here's what I remember:
  • Large red picture book.
  • It was about all the seasons and holidays throughout the year. Maybe had Year Round in the title?
  • It had animals as the characters, very much like Richard Scarry's, but I have looked and looked at Richard Scarry books and can't find it. So it may not be his. Or maybe it is and I just can't find it.
  • There were stories about the animals to go along with each season/holiday.
  • There was a song/poem in it that went like this: The year is like a rolling wheel that never makes a sound, but changes seasons as it goes a rolling rolling round. With winter days and springtime days and summer days and fall. The year brings lots of holidays, the best days of them all! (Why can I remember that word for word, but not the title of the stinkety book?)
Ring any bells out there?


  1. It sounds very much like The Year At Maple Hill Farm by Alice and Martin Provensen.
    It's not red and I don't see the song, but everything else seems right.

  2. What about this?

  3. I loved Richard Scarry books as a child and wish I had held on to them... Oh well *sigh*... Have you thought of running that poem through an internet search - it may throw up some results?? Good luck in your hunt.

  4. It might be the Frog and Toad series of books by Arnold Lobel... they were written in the early to mid 70's.... good luck!

    I have a few of his books that I've picked up at yard sales... my kids love the old illustrations... and I do too ;)

  5. What about The Seasons in Fern Hollow by John Patience, there was one edition with a red cover but I think it came out in 81.

  6. See if it was something illustrated by Tasha Tudor


    or this:

  7. It sounds like Richard Scarry's "Best Busy Year Ever"
    is that one of the Richard Scarry's you've already looked at?
    It has a large, red title and all the seasons and some holidays accompanied by stories with the animals but I've just had a flick through my copy and there's no poem.

  8. Kim and Cathie, thanks so much. Those two books look so great, I may try to buy them, but no, they are not this mythical book I remember.

    Beka*B, yes, with no results at all. Besides this post. ha.

    Julie, I delight in Frog and Toad, but alas, that is not it.

    Jennifer, another really adorable looking book, thanks. But that is not it.

    Stephanie, wow, those are beautiful books. But no. At least I'm discovering a lot of great kids books.

    twirling betty, thanks that was a great try, but if it doesn't have the poem, it must not be it. I don't remember it being a busy town book, but I could be wrong. aRgh! It was like, all woodlandy, not towny, if memory serves.

    Y'all, 1000 thanks for the ideas.

  9. I am a bunny. This book is written by Ole Rysom but illustrated by Richard Scarry. Very beautiful pictures. My husband loved this as a child and my daughter loves it now.

  10. Did it have a rabbit on the front? And wasn't like a regular sized book? This is ringing bells with me but I'm not sure what the title is...I will check into it.

  11. Ok I will read an entire post before I post next time. I am a Bunny does not have a poem like you mentioned. Hmmm...sounds interesting though.

  12. I am sorry I can't help you. Never heard of it. But I did find a website called People put in queries like yours. Might be a place to try where book aficionados hang out... Hope you find it. I know how that can drive you crazy.

  13. I am almost 100 positive that I have a vintage copy of this book. I am at college right now, but if you still haven't found it around decemeber 15th, email me at to remind me (exams kind of snatch this type of thing out of my head!), I will check for you when I get home.

  14. thanks, Briana and Amber. it might have had a bunny on the cover. I really can't say! argh!

    Julie, I would be forever grateful. I'll remind you for sure.

  15. I know this is probably not it, but I figure it's worth a shot.

  16. The first thing that came to mind was this book --The Animals Merry Chiristmas by Kathryn B. Jackson. We checked it out from the library last year, and I do remember lots of woodland creatures, poems and stories, but not sure if it was about all the seasons or not. Here is a link to the book:
    As a side note--I made Molly Monkey for my 1 year old for her birthday and ended up winning a blue ribbon at our state fair. Thanks for the great pattern and tutorial--everyone loved it!

  17. This probably isn't it either as I don't think it is quiet that old. There was a book called Four Stories for Four Season which featured animals and each told a story for the season. Not sure about any poetry or anything in it though.

  18. You might try Loganberry Books book stumper (link on left). If you can't find it in the searches already posted, you can pay a couple of dollars and you can post your search.

  19. Just a thought...when you looked up Richard Scarry did you happen to also look up Patricia Scarry? She did some books on animals in a town called River Bend. It was very much like Richard his most of her work.


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