Monday, December 6, 2010

as seen in...

I recently received two publications that have featured my softies, and thought I'd share. It's a great-yet-surreal feeling to see your work on the pages of such great mags.

Talented Austrian designer/illustrator/mom, Dolores Wally, puts together this beautiful kids and craft quarterly, KleinFormat. This is her third issue and I was very flattered that she asked to include the Molly Monkey pattern, translated into German:

Hey Robyn, see your head shot you took of me up there? Thanks again for that!

KleinFormat is a beautifully styled pub designed with the craft bloggy mom in mind, chock full of great images, gorgeous products for kids, and freebies like patterns and paper dolls. As a clever extra, the cover is also die cut into fun stickers. It's so well put together.

And wow, I turned the page and discovered I'm included in the mag alongside the likes of talented softie designer Suze Bauer of Revoluzzza, who also contributed a free pattern and tutorial for her adorable elves. Which makes me long to be even passably fluent in German, which I am so very not. Unilingual, me. A gap in my education, to be sure.

More images from the mag: Pretty paper animals and dolls...

Beautiful decor ideas...

And hey, there is a feature with my cyber-friend, Juliane of Fröken Skicklig, who makes the most wonderful dolls! Go and see her site, because this tiny glimpse is no good.

and back cover...

Every inch is so well designed. If you would like a copy for yourself, you can purchase it here.

And here's my girls' Ballerina Tooth Fairy gracing the intro page to an article about baby tooth care in Menta Magazine, a health publication based in Israel. I can't read Hebrew either, but it was still thrilling to see it featured.

It's amazing to me how small the world suddenly becomes via the internet. I routinely speak with kind folks from all around the world via my blog/shop and have enjoyed crafty emotional connections with strangers living thousands of miles away. It's a beautiful thing.


  1. Wow!!! Congratulations!!! you must be so proud. Your work is always beautiful.

  2. Are those two little Molly Monkeys with their arms around each other shown from the back Olivia's picture?! Those are my girls monkeys!!! Congrats Larissa! Of course, none of us are surprised! But happy for you and this honor!

  3. Y'all, thank you!

    Stitchin, yes, those are your monkeys! Now they are famous. From the back! :-)

  4. That is so awesome! What an honor! It is well deserved, as your projects are lovely, and your patterns are some of the best ever. BTW, I made some gadget cozies over the weekend. I'm going to post a pattern review later today on my blog (I am writing it right now). Stop over and check it out. It will be a smashing review!

  5. The pattern is fabulously done, and I'm sure is great in German too. Wish I knew how to read German, because that looks like an awesome magazine...

  6. I posted my pattern review if ou are interested! Here is the link. If you want to post a link to it, I would be happy for you to do so!

    Thanks for everything,

  7. That German publication looks fabulous! We need something similar in the US. Congrats on well deserved recognition. You design eye serves you so well. I'm so glad I found your work, too. :)

  8. Wow, congrats! That's very exciting! The magazines look beautiful, way to go!

  9. So I have to go and visit your blog to get to known to this great magazine?

    Thank you, Larissa! I will go and check for the availability here in Germany, so there are at least some things which seem to be available "just" here - as I am looking for some fulfilling of christmas wishes and they are only available in the US and they don't ship here - quite behind the moon if you ask me...

    Warm wishes


  10. Dear Larissa, I too smiled when I saw your amazing work (well, and also mine) in the magazine. But christmas stress and a never sleeping sewing machine made me forget about our "page neighbourhood" until Nina (comment above) sent me a reminder. Now I know it is time for a break, tea and for the Kleinformat magazine - I have not really taken the time to read all the lovely features Dolores has written...

    Hope you get some calm moments too!

    Snowy greetings from Sweden,


  11. Congratulations Larissa! Is there a magazine published in English that is the same style as the German one? I would love to subscribe to that magazine, but I couldn't read any of it...

  12. I'm so happy for you! Such an exciting time and thing to have happen!

  13. Hey, y'all, thanks so much! It is thrilling.

    Nina, that's funny! Now you know. I'm sure Dolores could mail you a copy!

    Juliane, sounds like you need a well-deserved sewing break! Although I'm glad your dolls are selling like hotcakes. No surprise there!

    For those of you who mentioned needing a similar mag in the US, I don't have any suggestions other than subscribe to both Real Simple and MS Living. Ha! Does anyone out there know of a US pub? MixTape and LMNOP are Australian I believe, and delightful.

  14. Wow - you have officially achieved international fame! Man, that German magazine is beautiful, isn't it? Congratulations!

    You're welcome for the photo. I'm glad you could contain your annoyance at my goofy attempts to make you laugh long enough to give me a decent smile. Does this mean I can now say my work's been published, too? :)

  15. Thank you soooo much for your superkind words!!!
    - and the comments as well!
    But: never forget! Without girls like you - the magazine would be nothing! I am just a collector!

    Thank for giving me the permission to show your pattern!

    All the best,

  16. Thank you Larissa - I ordered the next four issues already yesterday...

  17. your work is beautiful! congratulations larissa!

  18. KleinFormat looks awesome... pity it is not in english, though do you know if there is an English equivalent mag?

  19. Wear, Show & Tell, Small Magazine is a free online English language mag that is similar in content:


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