Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thing 1 is showing her detailed list while Thing 2 waits to pitch hers. I felt sorry for Santa with Thing 2's list. It was all phonetic spelling, so before we went I made helpful inline notes. Her entire list was filled with wishes for various dog toys, and each time we go to the library she leaves with only dog books, but if a real dog gets within ten feet of her she panics. I'm raising two city girls, I'm afraid.

I made their denim skirts the other day, and I'll blog those later. The light here is so dim lately, it's hard to get good pictures. I have several half-finished posts lined up, waiting for an opportune moment and some sunshine. I'm having a wonderful December. I've been birthdayed in style and I'm making lots of things that I just want to but don't have to. I'll show you at some point.

I hope you are having a wonderful December too, and can take some time out to soak up some cozy fireside time (or poolside, for my friends in the southern hemisphere), eat some special treats, and listen to Frank, Ella, Dean, Lena, George and Eartha croon some holiday tunes.


  1. This is a pretty cute picture, they'll love this when they're older! :)

    I'm looking forward to the post about the skirts, I want to make one in an adult size!

  2. Super-cute photo! Thanks for the December wishes, we've been enjoying a lovely evening by the fire, just as you suggested. Cheers, and happy birthday!

  3. Love the skirts. They look FAB! Been listening to all the crooners lately trying to get into the Christmas mood. (sad I know...) Looking forward to the future posts.

  4. Santa looks so very real, I like the picture and I remember seeing him one year before, am I right?

    The skirts look great and I like to hear you are having a good time with doing just what you want to do, so I guess all gifts are wrapped and all ist secretly put away?

    Here as well, I was seweing like mad the last couple of days - usually I am done with my handmade gifts in September/October but this year? I don't know what happend, maybe it was shorter than usual??

    I sewed some cuddly cushions filled with sheepwool and lavender for 4 little friends and some hot water bottle covers (Juliane made me one last Christmas and I thought some sweet girls around me will look forewerd to receiving them as well.) attached with a removable lavender cushion which smells wonderful when the bottles are warm...

    Have a great Christmas and enjoy,


  5. The girls are looking super-cute! I was afraid of dogs for a long time, but it'll get better when she's older.

    And, I must say, that you forgot Bing in your list of crooners! Ahhh Bing - my favourite this time of year!

  6. Jenny, thanks so much! I'll be right by the fire too.

    Nö, Yes, same Santa every year since my oldest was born, so for eight Christmases running. You have a great memory! I'm not quite quite done with all the gifts, but I tend to do a little of this, a little of that. Your lavender cushions and covers sound wonderful!

    Kaye, oh, yes, that is not a comprehensive list at all. I've left off so many I love! Bing being among them, and also Nat, Vince, Harry, Etta, etc etc etc!

  7. I love these Santa photos - but I'm a little concerned about how old the girls are looking these days. Isn't there something we can do about this???

    So glad you're having a relaxed (implied?) December. I can't wait to see your makings.

    By the way, the craft party was a smash. More have been requested and even my non-crafty friends are coming up with ideas for future events. So, happy Larissmas to us.

    Love you!

  8. This reminds me. I promised my daughter I'd take her to see Santa this week. Better get on that!


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