Monday, January 3, 2011

what I'm up to

niece Jamie with the girls

Happy 2011, everyone! We had such a perfect Christmas with my extended family in Huntsville, AL, and then with Michael's family back home. It was filled with special together times, games, Tucker kisses, delicious homemade food, crafting, a little shopping and if you can believe it: we woke up to a white Christmas! It was magical. How many years has it been since that happened? I don't know. But in the southern US, days like that are very few and far between.

We managed to scrape enough snow from my sister's lawn to make a snowman! I'm taking the picture.

Seasoned snow people who live in places like Colorado and Minnesota snicker at us southern folks as we hole up and close businesses and schools for measley inch or two of snow. But we cain't drive in it, people! It skeers us. Plus, it happens so rarely here it just feels right to stop your normal activity and appreciate it. You should see the ridiculous runs on the grocery stores around here if there is a hint of wintery weather forecast on TV. You go in the store and all the bread, milk, and Cheetos are gone.

So we are back home now in 2011 and trying to get up to speed. What I'm up to:

taking this stuff down

doing epic amounts of this

spending too much time perusing this

trying so hard to avoid the siren song of this. I have got to get some exercise.


  1. Hi Larissa,

    What a fantastic family photo. Happy 2011!

    Just thought I'd say.

  2. thanks, Galadriel! Happy new year to you too in the UK.

  3. I love The Long Thread. Very nice. Glad you had such a great Christmas. You deserve it! Happy New Year!

  4. Many of the things that you are up to match the things that I am up to...including reading the 100 tutorials listed on The Long Thread. :)

  5. All those baked goods look amazing. And I agree, The Long Thread is wonderful, especially when the do the "Best Tutorial" post, I reference it through out the year.

  6. Hello , I am a stay at home Mom of 2 boys ages 16 and 14, and 2 girls ages 11 and almost 6. I am not a homeschooler though I am completely sympathetic. My eldest son and older daughter are both on the autism spectrum (high functioning) and that keeps me very busy and pretty stressed. All parents with special needs children need to be held up before God's throne often... pray!
    I live in a "large"cottage at a christian camp in Connecticut with my Husband and children. I Love to see "follower of Christ". It is my hope that in my blogging I can be a witness for Christ. This life is full of trials even as a christian. What would I do without Him?
    I love to be creative with sewing/crafting and painting. I also love to read. My favorite christian author is Linda Windsor. He latest series is the "Bride's of Alba" . You can check out her website at
    Another of my keen interests is the Irish language along with many Irish/Scottish or celtic things. I also leave generous room for England and Wales. My Husband and I dream of going to Ireland for an extended stay and be involved in some kind of ministry there.
    I look forward to checking into this blog though I get pretty busy with all those things mothers do +++

  7. Does anybody who understands this stuff better than me know how I can change the identity posted? Brad is fine for my husband but my name is Heather.

  8. Hey, Heather (aka Brad).
    Oooh you could also be Breather. Or maybe Head. Ha! No? Ok. It's so nice to meet you here, thanks for supporting the blog. I pray God's infinite patience and wisdom to you as you love and care for your four kids, which is a huge job already but much bigger when you are dealing with special needs. God bless you! I'd soooooo love to visit Ireland one fine day, so we have that in common. Re: your screen name, you need to go into your Blogger profile and account settings to change that. Here's a helpful link:

  9. Hi Larissa,
    Thanks for the help.
    I have had a very busy weekend. Around here weekends are akin to the family circus. Yesterday was my Husband's birthday. I managed to make his cake but that was only after church;lunch; take the boys sledding with the youth group ( I sewed on part of his present while waiting for the boys in the car);home again at 5:30 ... we had a cake by around 7:00 ;sang happy birthday and ate warm cake( frosting melted a little) and ice cream. I am thankful to have completed a lesson in pragmatism. If I had waited for the cake to cool properly we would have been eating cake at least an hour later.
    I was making a cover for Husband's electric blue squishy pillow. We watched a favorite movie Persuasion ,while I sewed on it ( I hand sew - - machines and I never have lasting relationships). The cover is made of pale gray polar fleece with blue, green, white and gray plaid flannel trim. I am still working on a blanket to match. After the kids were in bed we also watched "Remington Steele" on Hulu.
    I finished the pillow cover just before Husband (Brad) went up to bed.
    I think I am talking too much, I must be a "desperate housewife "( never watch the show).
    Anybody else do a lot of hand sewing? Big jobs definitely take longer, the mood really has to strike. Once I get going I find it is relaxing. When I get up from my sewing the house is in shambles though. AGH!
    Our Christmas tree is still up.

  10. Evidently, I got something wrong. When I went to post my "comment" . My chosen username didn't work with my password. I had to use my Brad's name again. Maybe I should just set up my own email acct. That would simplify matters when I want to do things like this.

  11. Hey, Heather (aka Brad),
    I know a sweet and talented blogger who sews everything by hand (or at least she used to) and you can find it here:
    I don't sew any clothes or large items by hand. I'm too addicted to the instant gratification of my sewing machine.
    Yes, I think you'd be happier to create your own blogger profile if Brad still uses his. It's free!
    Bless your heart about the Christmas tree. I just packed away the last of the Christmas stuff in the attic.

  12. Thanks again. I'll look up "sweettidings".


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