Monday, March 21, 2011

what I'm up to

Looks like a big stack of fabric pancakes.

I'd rather be finishing my needle books, but I've had an uncharacteristic rush of practicality. I am going to go ahead and complete Thing 2's duvet cover now that I have finally finished the dingety dangety blasted zig zag cover for Thing 1. Which turned out quite well, amazingly, but I need to get another duvet insert for it that doesn't appear to have gophers tunneling under it. I bought it at IKEA for super cheap and I guess after washing it all the stuffing decided to clump together.

Thing 2's cover will have a bunch of circles appliqued on it like the above. I have a white twin sheet that I've cut to the size of the duvet top and now that I have all the circles assembled (per this beautiful tutorial from Purl Bee) I need to map out a grid and start sewing them on. I thought briefly about stuffing the circles lightly so they seem puffy, but that sounds like way too much work and I'm not sure i'll like it. I just want to play it safe and git 'er done.

They are both going to need new pillow shams too, but I have to just focus on that later. I will get all this done soon and I will blog it and I will be so happy. (Maniacal smile frozen on face) Oh, yeah, and the kids will be happy too. That was the point of it all.


  1. I can't wait to see your finished cover. I really like the Purl Bee mini quilt. I also found this tutorial on circles
    and it has got me really excited about circles.

  2. Hey, KJ, thanks for the link. I've seen that trick in a Japanese craft book too, except without the tin foil. The cool thing about the Purl method is that you end up with a circle that you can iron down in place, since the backing is fusible interfacing.

  3. I love that Purl applique method. Just used it on Friday as a matter of fact. I spent the day working on a messenger bag for G - the one child of mine whose birthday is NOT right around the corner, not to mention a niece, sis-in-law, friends' kids (ahem)... It's insanity, I tell you.

    Speaking of which, I'm open to requests for Thing 2.

  4. I think we're all on the same wavelength! The purl method is great. I used it for a wall hanging I made last week. Haven't blogged about it yet, but it's done. I was so happy with how it came together. The duvet will look wonderful, I'm sure.

  5. Such happy colors! I can just imagine them dropping subtle hints to their very talented mom about getting the covers finished. :) Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  6. Thanks, you guys. I'm getting oh so close to finishing.

    Ooh, Bob, love to see the bag when it is done. Or WIP pictures, at least some WIPs. I'm in Robyn Craft withdrawal! I'll ponder for Thing 2. It certainly doesn't have to be handmade! Don't want to push you over the edge before Austin. (eeeee!)

  7. Looks like that will be a cute duvet! Looking forward to seeing both finished. We use comforters, here. I just put them under the quilts I make instead of making a cover (though they need covers, too, and they are so blasted expensive for something that isn't that attractive!).

  8. Thanks for that Purl Bee link. Seeing that could almost get me excited about making something similar, since I have that circle cutter. But NOT as big as yours (unless you'd volunteer to sew the circles on for me ;) ).

    Can't wait to see your finished project!

  9. i can't wait to see it when it's finished! i love all the colors :D

  10. I have to wonder if the girls do any sewing? Have you gotten them into it?

  11. Traci, yes, in a very limited way. Actually I'm a bad mentor that way. I tend to be selfish with my craft time in the loft after school so I don't usually make it a group effort. But despite all that my oldest has gotten into embroidery since my BFF sent her that wonderful beginner's kit. She works on it a bit at a time and is getting better and better.

  12. I am deeply in love with these duvet covers. I pinned them on Pinterest, decided I was crazy and unpinned them, then had to search the Web to find them again because I missed them so much.

    Now I'm ready to take the next step of actually considering blatantly copying them.

    I have a pair of five year old boys who have requested a "rainbow room." I am thinking of making them duvet covers similar to these.

    I can sew, a little, but I've never quilted. I think I would either buy white duvet covers or put a couple of sheets together - that's easy, I can do that. The circle one I think I can figure out and that's the one I'd do first - I LOVE that Purl Bee tutorial, so clever. Did you quilt around each circle after appliqueing it?

    I think I will leave my questions to that one for now because I have a LOT more about the other one but I'd do the circles first to gear up!

    Well, OK, one more question. Is someone who's never quilted out of her mind to attempt this?!

  13. Melissa Jane, hey! LOL. Copy away. This chevron or circle thing is certainly not original with me. Worry no more. I'm not a quilter. Never made a real quilt. These are just pieced or appliqued and not quilted. Don't you feel better?
    I totally recommend buying two twin sheets to do the circle one. That's what I did. The circles are 8 inches across, finished, and machine appliqued on but not quilted. There's no batting at all. The duvets are the only padding. The only thing I'd have to warn you about is the endless turning of the entire sheet under the arm of your sewing machine to get the circles sewn on. It's a little tedious. A lot tedious actually. But I did it all in one sitting because I was On A Mission To Finish the stinkin duvet covers. LOL.


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