Wednesday, April 6, 2011

felicitations to the winners and a coupon

Readers and fellow bloggers Libby (love your beautiful crocheting) and Tory (the description under your blog name made me laugh): I'll be emailing you both to get your snail mail address. I hope you enjoy the cards! And thanks to everyone for your very, very kind 3rd bloggiversary good wishes! (insert virtual collective hug here)

Since I couldn't make a set of scrap cards for everyone, how about a coupon code for the shop? If you purchase any pattern from the shop in the next week, be sure to apply the coupon code HAPPY3RD at the checkout for 20% off your purchase. Maybe a good time to go ahead and make some sleepy Easter bunnies?


  1. Thank you! So excited for them to arrive :)

  2. Yay! I'm equally excited to see these cards in person. You're amazingly talented. Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks, guys! I'll be sending them out soon.


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