Monday, May 9, 2011

anniversary card

Thematic anniversary cards are my thing. Ever since we were married, I've made Michael a card that reflects the prescribed anniversary gift for that year. There's usually two choices, traditional and modern, so I just choose the one I feel would make the best card. Ok, sometimes the easiest card. This year was a watch.

And then since that is actually a great gift idea for him as well, I also took a huge risk, closed my eyes, and bought him a watch. Do you have one of those husbands too? For whom it is next to impossible to buy anything gadgety, because if he wants it then he is sure to already be watching at least ten auctions on ebay for a much better one than you will ever think to buy? So I am astounded and gratified that he is going to keep the watch that I picked out for him. (Robyn, I know right? high-fiving self! whoo!)

And he always gets me flowers. This year it was these lovely red tulips, along with a little getaway trip to Charleston coming up.  I was so glad to finally have chance to use this flower holder thingy I bought at some party years ago. I forgot about it in the cabinet, and turns out it is perfect for tulips. Stick them in the holes, done. Flower arranging-by-number. And to cap it all off, we dressed up and ate a large amount of sushi in Atlanta. (We always chuckle when we hand the keys to our 1995 Civic beater to the valet attendant.) I feel we marked the Big Fifteen successfully. 

Now I have to switch gears to my daughter's birthday, quick like. She'll be seven and her party is this Saturday. Your assignment: provide me with the perfect, easy, cheap, not to mention wildly entertaining games for her birthday party. Which will have a dog theme. Go!


  1. That card is awesome! I would love to know how you made the chain :-)

  2. What an creative and well done card!
    If you are looking for party ideas, go to and check out the dog party in their kids party section. I go to this website for all my kids birthday party ideas!
    Good luck!

  3. That is an amazing card and I love the tulips! Best wishes on the birthday party. I'll just check back to see what fabulous ideas you find/come up with.

  4. One of our favorite games is a dress-up relay. You have two teams, with piles of dress up clothes in two piles at the other end of the room. The first in line runs to the pile, gets dressed and runs back, undresses, and the next person has to dress up, run etc. It's a lot of fun.

  5. Have you ever played "The Cookie Machine"? You could convert it to a dog theme pretty easily. You will need at least 15 kids and a couple of adults. Have the kids make two straight lines, facing each other. They put their forearms out in front of them, parallel to the ground, with palms up. Ask their arms so that they alternate with the child across from them (making it safer).

    The adult at one end, lifts a child onto the conveyor belt of arms which makes up the machine. The child gets to decide what kind of cookie he wants to be -- then all the kids chant the name of that cookie (like "chocolate chip, chocolate chip") as they move him through. Then an adult at the other end helps him down.

    Anyway, you could make the machine a dog wash and the kids could decide what kind of dog they want to be (like "Irish Setter, Irish Setter" -- my personal favorite)! We always loved this game.

    I know you'll think of some great ideas -- have fun!!

  6. randomcreativity, I punched small circle from paper, then punched a larger circle around that to get each link. Then each assembled link is two doughnuts glued together, with the snips offset. Make sense?

    Thanks for the great ideas, y'all!

  7. I don't think you can go far wrong with pin the tail (or nose!) on the doggy...have a lovely party!

  8. what an anniversary card ! i'm impressed !

  9. Go and check Martha Stewart out...they had a dog themed party or one of the kids on the showed everything from decorations ro crafts that can be done to the food served...Happy Anniversary and I hope that you enjoy your trip to Charleston and if you would like to know what is going on when you come just drop me a line and I can let you know...

    Deb Westbury

  10. Great card and well done on the watch! Gadgets are hard in my house are always a winner though! ;-)

    For the dog party, I can't stop picturing a "dig the bone" game/relay in sand or bird seed or something. Hide colored bones and assign colors to teams and each kid has to retrieve one...or something more clever. :-) Bow-wow!?

  11. I love seeing the cards you create!

  12. Beautiful card! I am so impressed that he's keeping the watch. See? He's not a lost cause after all. :)

    I made a card, too, with your tips. Big success, so thanks!

  13. Love the Card! For the party...Tails.. It's a great game that all ages can play (and super cheap) Each person sticks a tube sock or same length of fabric in their back pocket or waistband. don't tie it on though. (for girls in dresses tie a string or fabric around their waste and tuck the sock into that) Then the object is to get every bodies tails while keeping yours safe! It's hilarious to watch and play. The catch is once your tail is taken you sit on the outside of the playing area, BUT you can still grab tails as they go just have to stay seated while you do it! :)

  14. Hi,what did you use to make this card?

    1. Hi, Chloe, my Mac, Xacto knife, gel pens, paper, my printer, and hole punches. :-)


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