Thursday, May 5, 2011

window film

I have an endless list of small decor updates that patiently wait for my attention around the house. I recently finished this little project on my list, replacing the old colored static film on the sidelights and bathroom windows with new, clearish film.

I love this stuff. It's perfect to give privacy without cutting the light. If you are curious, this particular brand is Light Effects that I picked up on Amazon. It couldn't be easier to apply. You use slightly soapy water and a squeegee. Once on, it will not budge. I had the last batch on there for the past nine years or so and it never bubbled or came up. And it peeled right off when I needed to change it.

One distressing note, when I peeled the old film off there was suddenly an overpowering chemical/petroleum smell. It made me cough. I had to immediately take the old film outside. That was weird. No smell at all was present until I peeled it off. Uhhhh...Maybe you should not leave it on for nine years? The new film has no detectable smell.

Random blog maintenance announcement: I've added a new Google search field to the right sidebar, under my profile. There's always been a blogger search field at the top of the window, but I've noticed it is not the most effective or thorough. This Google search field seems to be more targeted. Enjoy.


  1. Put something similar on our master bath glass shower doors. Absolutely love it. Now I won't burn the retinas out of my kids' eyes when there is an 'emergency' while I'm in the shower. :/

  2. Jessica, clear glass shower doors would be my worst nightmare! :-)

  3. Hi! I did the same for my kitchen window as well... because the window is facing a small lane.. just need some privacy but done want to block the light. And I add a little touch by cutting the edge and make it look like a curtain.. You can 'fun up' yours by cut out some words or pattern too!

  4. I am so ordering some of this for my front door where the light comes through like a laser beam! This will definitely help!

  5. I also prefer installing window film rather than etched glass because it’s far more affordable than the latter. Anyway, did you cover the whole glass pane up? I think you can try making a stencil pattern to make it look more beautiful and personalized. Cheers!

    Greg Arnett


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