Thursday, June 9, 2011

belated Renegade parade

The hodgepodge above is a summary of my recent girl trip to Austin to attend the Renegade Craft Fair. A mighty fine time was had by all, I have to say. I so enjoyed getting to know Robyn's sister in law, Cindy, and basking in the warm Texas hospitality of Robyn's mom and dad. It only took me this long to blog it because I have some pretty serious blog apathy going on. In the photo you'll find:

1) A yard of beautiful echino fabric and two bags of buttons (and free scraps of red and yellow pleather) from Stitch Lab. This is a vintage mod fabric shop in a blue clapboard house not too far from where Renegade was held in South Austin:

I have a shot of me and Robyn sitting on the picturesque old style porch that was taken by her mom, but I can't bring myself to put it here. I look like a beige pudding and Bob looks like a skinny legged supermodel. And this is my blog.

That's the inside. This photo does not do it justice. But I was completely distracted from all the delicious fabric and sewn samples by a huge bowl of vintage buttons in the back. I must have sat there going through those for 90% of the time we spent there. I love me some buttons, and I need a variety in a certain size for making needle books.

2) Card from Once Over Coffee Bar. Thank you, Robyn, for knowing the paramount importance of having some GOOD stout coffee even if it has to be purchased separately from breakfast. I walked out of Once Over on the morning of Renegade holding a fantastically strong and creamy cappucino and also a t-shirt. That makes me a total goob, but couldn't resist. It's actually a pretty great Tshirt. I didn't notice that the barista had taken the time to make a work of art out of my foam until I popped the top to dump in an unhealthy amount of turbinado. And this is what makes me a mediocre travel blogger: I thought about taking a photo, but didn't. That sort of defines my travel philosophy lately. I decided it is more important to enjoy and absorb then endlessly record.

3) Menu from Torchy's Tacos. Let me tell you. Those are some slap your mama breakfast tacos. Fast. Fresh. So good. I remember the whole Torchy's experience fondly. It's just Good Food.

4) Some art cards from IKEA. I think it violates some law to drive past an IKEA if you have some time to go in. Plus, Bob doesn't have one near her in Louisiana.

5) Helpful powder blue brochure on the best vintage and antique shopping around town. We went to several places along South Congress and were agog at them all, but I can't remember the names except for Uncommon Objects. I could have spent half a day in that place. It's a crazy collection of anything under the sun, from a large resin frieze of the female reproductive system (Come on Shari, you know you want that in your dining room) to a bundle of love letters from the 1950s tucked in between porcelain tchotchke and a black velvet still life. It's like going through the condensed attic of a whole army of eccentric grandmothers.

6) Pair of delightfully cheap chandelier earrings from Sam Moon. Alas, I have no Sam Moon in Atlanta. Pourquoi, Sam Moon?

7) Various necklaces from my dysfunctional necklace buying binge at Renegade. I just couldn't resist. I just remembered a pair of porcelain earrings I bought that didn't make it in the hodge podge. Oh well. Use your imagination? And I really love my new map necklace.

8) I'm also a sucker for good print design and was glad to be introduced to Silas Tom (the blue typewriter thank you notes are theirs), Dowdy Studio, and also Linda Ketelhut, from whom I wanted to buy many geometric prints, but will have to wait.

I couldn't fit the whole floor space in one shot, but you get the idea. It was big! No, really BIG! We spent pretty much all day wandering around in here, with a break to walk down the road a bit for early dinner and strawberry rhubarb pie at Threadgills. It was such a pleasure to see so many talented craft vendors and all the effort they put into making attractive booths.

9) I wish there were another mango lassis from Tarka's in the photo. That way I could be slurping it down while I finish this post. No snide remarks from you, Robyn. I DID share the other one.


  1. Sounds like a fabulously wonderful time! Don't you love bringing home lots of loot!

  2. "One for me, one for the four of you. That seems about right."

    Hey, thanks for not posting that picture of us. Now everyone who reads your blog can keep right on believing your ridiculously skewed perception of me. Assuming they can, in the first place, believe that you looked like "beige pudding". Doubtful.

    Loved the weekend. Love even more that it was just a prelude to our MEGAGIRLWEEK in September. Brilliant.

  3. Bob, I'm sorry, ok? I should not be left alone in the car with the lassis. That much is clear. I'm a weak woman.
    I'm so so so so so looking forward to MEGAGIRLWEEK!!! (said with British accent and pinky in air)

  4. No, we don't have Sam Moon, but we do have Charming Charlie. Which I haven't made it to, but my SIL buys me presents from there and she says it's wonderful.

  5. Sarah, man yeah, I love me some Charming Charlie. I shouldn't go in there, I spend a fortune. The weird part is I've never been to one in Atlanta, I always go when I'm out of town.


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