Thursday, June 16, 2011

quickie to Chucktown

My sweet baboo and I got away recently for a short visit to Charleston, SC. It was a belated celebration of our 15th anniversary. We did it up right and stayed in a foo foo bed and breakfast right by the water, HarbourView Inn (thanks to Sniqueaway). You should have seen our room(s). Room(s) because we were moved from one beautiful room to a beautiful-er penthouse room on the second night, overlooking the harbor with our own balcony. We kept congratulating each other on our good fortune. It was such an elegant building and the service was fantastic (thanks, Drue), but more importantly there were two large glass containers filled with plain and peanut M&Ms at our 24 hour disposal in the lobby. Also there was this lovely smell in the hotel all the time. I asked about it and they said they pipe in special lemon grass aromatherapy. Oooh. Fancy.

This photo courtesy of anonymous friendly woman reading her iPad on a bench next to her hubby who was reading his iPhone in Battery Park. Sorry we bugged you. Thanks for the picture! Nice shot. (I can safely assume they were married, right? Who else would be sitting in the park completely ignoring each other? ha.)

We just took it easy and schlepped around town on foot to see the sights, watching the local kids play in the fountain, swinging on the pier, haggling for jewelry in the open air market (well, that was just me) and eating a lot of seafood and gelato. It was just what we needed.


We went to several really good places to eat sea creatures (here, here, and essssspecially Hucks which is pictured above), and also went...

to one wildly popular place to eat. We saw the line of folks stacked up outside every time we walked by, so figured it must be the place to go. Very nice folks, friendly atmosphere, but the food did not inspire. My she-crab soup was way too salty (and this is from Larissa Holland, Salt-A-Holic). Still, I sat in the same seat as Neil Diamond. How many other people can say that? All the walls were three-deep in celebrity photos and signed dinner plates. The pre-dinner offering of slightly smelly boiled peanuts remained untouched. Bleh. I'm southern as they come, but I've never understood the attraction of soggy peanuts.

We happened to be in town at the same time as Spoleto Festival, so we decided to walk downtown and see the art tents in the park. I'm really glad we did even at the risk of heat stroke, because I discovered a woodcut artist I really like.


He is Kent Ambler, very talented and also a super friendly guy. He was in the middle of a demo when I was shopping his booth (that's me wilting on the left there, losing precious fluid and electrolytes by the second), so I got to see his process in detail. Lemme tell you, he earns his money. It's pretty involved. He only prints an edition of 20 for each design, which I think is insane. He says he is ready to move on by the time he cranks out 20, but that kills me after all the work he puts into the cuts. He even destroys his plates by cutting them into 5 inch squares and making sort of framed wooden quilts of them.

Another Late Night, 4 of 20, Kent Ambler

I especially adored his bird pieces but I told myself I was not going to cave again and be such a bird nerd, so I bought one of his other pieces and I'm so glad I did. I keep staring at it in my living room and congratulating myself. I have to get a frame for it and a permanent place on the wall.

All in all, a delightful getaway for me and my Schmoop. Robyn, do you see all the gray hair Michael's getting? And me with not even one gray hair after all these years. (clearing throat in exaggerated manner)


  1. Wonderful pics-thanks for sharing!! Congrats on 15!!

  2. We're not discussing gray hair. Or any of the other physiological changes that have occurred over the course of our friendship.

    Michael looks so happy. And you got some lovely pics of yourself there, lady. Yay for romantic, kid-free getaways!

  3. Robyn, what changes? I'm perfectly happy as long as I never look down. Yes, we had a great time, and thanks to Nana and Papa for the kid-free portion. I watched the Alias pilot last night and couldn't help thinking of another perfect vacation years ago. Must do that again.

  4. looks lovely and VERY relaxing!

  5. Sigh... Yes, the perfect vacation. Maybe we can pull a repeat in about 18 years when all of the kids are out of the house. In the meantime, I'm all for trying for a non-perfect beach vacation with you guys. How's July look?

  6. Bob, July? Hot. That's how July is looking. Hot. Way too hot.

  7. Congrats on the anniversary! Looks like a great (HOT!) time. :) Hadn't heard of sniqueaway before either...gotta love all the deal sites. Are you able to invite me/get a referral for the site, or no?

  8. Amanda, I didn't realize you had to have an invite to get on Sniqueaway. My husband is the one who booked the trip. Sorry!

  9. Hello! I love your blog and you have some wonderful patterns...I was wondering if you would mind if my library group made some of your cards to raise money, for the library? I'm sorry to ask in the comment section, I didn't see an email address...and I'm in a usual. You can stop by my blog to see what I'm talking about. Thank you...Kim

  10. Weird, my husband and I were in Charleston when you posted this. Though not on a romantic trip like you. Being from there, he always avoids Spoleto though so I've never been. Looks like the 2 of you had a great time!

  11. Sarah B, small world! We did have a great time, and plan to return at some point.

  12. Looks like such a fun and relaxing getaway. Congratulations on 15 years! Hope they were wonderful ones with many more to come.

  13. Great pictures!! It looks like it was a great trip!

    Chloe & Me Jewelry

  14. Love reading your blog, but this post's title made me giggle... in Australia "Chucktown" is also known as "Spewsville" or "Vomit City". Needless to say, your photos were a lot nicer than first imagined!!!

  15. Hello! I'm a beginner in felt, but I didn't know you had to soak it. I've got some felt Christmas ornaments in my etsy shop, hopefully they are okay without soaking. I'm from western U.S.-Utah, but my ancestors are from northern/central England - Lancashire to be exact. The last name is Kellett. I've heard there's an area called Kellett split into 2 areas upper and lower or something like that. I too have been into crafty things since I was little. I would get some paper, scissors, and tape; be entertained for hours. That's how I figured out how to make things. Your ornaments are beautiful, and I've thought about buying those patterns more than once. It is a bit above my level of sewing....I've been taught how to sew but I keep forgetting everything! Had to look up some of the embroidery that I put on the ornaments in my shop. hahaha

    Anyway, those boiled peanuts look like poop to me. Although I've never seen boiled peanuts before. Good thing they went untouched! hahaha

    1. Hello, Lisa! Of the Lancashire Kelletts. It’s cool you know where your ancestors hail from. I’m clueless about that! Re: felt: No worries, you don’t always need to soak wool felt when you sew with it! It’s only essential when you are using the Sulky stabilizer along with wool felt on some of my patterns, because you have to soak the stabilizer away, and if you don’t pre-shrink the felt it could lead to some heartbreak when your embroidered pieces shrink up and don’t match your non-shrinky pieces. Does that make sense? The Twelve Days patterns are all basic hand and embroidery stitches, but they are kind of fiddly because of the small size. They get more complicated as you go from 1-12. I have a Snow Bird ornament pattern that is less complex and just as satisfying! No soaking required for that one. :-) Yes, agreed on the peanut poop. They are super smelly too. Yuck. There are just so many other things I could eat. LOL


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