Monday, June 6, 2011

spotlight on the flickr groups

Have you checked out the mmmcrafts flickr groups lately? 
I'm always so impressed with your creativity. Some highlights:

 This clever variation on the Baby Binky Bunny (sans diapers) made from men's shirting by Tiffin. I'm puzzled about her aversion to coffee though.

 This eye-popping messenger by BlueMilkAndCookies. I love love the fabric.

 This piratey pirate Mikey by Tabitha

 This lovely, cheerful yellow messenger by Astrid. You must also view the beautiful clothes she makes while you are on her blog.

 Beautifully sewn (and photographed) Baby Binky Bunny by talented Jacqui.

 This dapper Mikey and Molly duo by SkooksPlayground. (From her stash. Bonus points!)

Brightly colored Gadget Cozy by Ceri. Love that bag too! This would also look great with your messenger, BlueMilkAndCookies.

This purple-shoed Katy by Shannon, day crafter, night launderer. That's my kind of time management.

This awesome polka dot messenger by Johanna, with the strap shortened for her four year old.

Scope. Out. The. Kickin. Cowboy boots! By Katie.

 Adorable Mini Molly by Tootietoot. I just love tinyfying things. Anyone can scale down my PDF patterns simply by printing them at a reduced percentage (use caution: it might make turning skinny arms and legs more difficult).

 This lovely pastel Katy by SixOrangeSocks. Oh, the blue buttons.

I noted some stellar pattern mods too:

 This great owl mod based on the Molly pattern by Katiehopp14.

And finally, this is only one of the clever mods from the Molly pattern by the resourceful Ms. Cobb. Go see her lamb and dog mods too.

And so many more I wanted to include, but check them out yourself here:

If you've made a project based on a tutorial or pattern you've seen on mmmcrafts, I'd love to see it in the groups. I'll try to do better about posting group highlights! If you are wondering where you can get your hands on the patterns for these projects, check here and here.


  1. I love all the highlights. thanks for including me! the boys surprisingly still think the Easter bunny brought them.

    and yes, late night crafting is fueled by diet coke all night long, not a coffee bean in site. blech :)

  2. So many adorable creations/variations. I am always amazed at the resourcefulness of creative people.

  3. Larissa - I am beyond honored that you chose to include my project out of the sea of amazing contributions to those Flickr pages. My kids still sleep with those 2 every single night. :)

  4. Aw, I'm so honoured to have my bag included in your cavalcade above. I did look through The Flickr-pool before I started the bag, and there are so many beautiful and inspirational things there! I'm making my second messenger bag right now - it's for my mother, because it's her birthday in two days. Ssshh, don't tell! ;)

  5. So many goodies in this post...sigh

  6. Wow - thank you so much for including me in this showcase of awesome crafting! So honoured =)

  7. You are inspiring so many people! I love that messenger bag Astrid made. I think yellow may be my favorite color this week.


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