Friday, July 29, 2011

big news! cottage industry update

I receive many, many requests to make items from my patterns to sell (thanks so much for your enthusiasm!). After MUCH research, pondering and mental wrestling I've decided on a new policy that I'm certain will make enterprising home sewers out there very happy, and at the same time not generate a huge logistical headache for me.

If you are a home sewer and have a cottage industry personally making things with your own little hands and selling them to your friends, in a craft booth or personal online shop (read: no mass production), you can purchase my patterns for that purpose, with my blessing. Go forth and make it a success! Make as many as you are personally capable of. Sew for your friends. Sew for your shop. Sew for craft fairs and bazaars. Sew up a storm! Of course there are terms. But not that many:
  • A reminder that the copyright on my patterns still stands: That is, you may not copy and resell, distribute or publish (online or otherwise) any portion of any of my patterns without prior permission from me. Period.
  • Each sewer must purchase a pattern for themselves. If you have a friend who is interested in partnering up with you, or you are hosting a craft party, please refer each of them to my blog or shop to purchase their own pattern. Thank you! (Exceptions may be made in the case of charitable sewing, just be sure to check with me first!)
  • Production is limited. To honor the 'no mass production' spirit, please limit your listings (or display in your booth) no more than ten MmmCrafts items at a time. This means a total of ten of any pattern combination, for instance 6 Mikey Monkeys + 4 Baby Binky Bunnies = limit of ten. 
  • Include credit where it's due. Please list a credit for the pattern on each listing and also on each hang tag for the item: Pattern by Larissa Holland,
  • Minor derivatives are ok, but even if you make changes in the way a pattern is made, please still give a credit to me for the pattern, along with a note that it is a variation.
  • Please note that it is really really really NOT OK to use any of my photos, images, logos, badges, or graphics to promote your site or booth on signs, flyers, tags, headers, etc... Don't do it! Those images are copyrighted.
You might be saying to yourself:

"Hey, I don't want to sell it, man, I just want to make it!" Of course, if you are interested in making stuff and not selling it, all my patterns are still unlimited for personal uses like gifts and charity drives. Just like always!

"I already bought the pattern a while ago. Can I still sell stuff made from it?" Yep, according to the terms above, and as long as I have a record of your purchasing the pattern via Etsy, you are good.

"Is there a way I can let MmmCrafts fans know about my shop?" Judging from the number of requests I get, there are a lot of readers out there who don't have the time or inclination to sew for themselves and they would appreciate knowing where to find your MmmCrafts handmade items. Let's get you two together! You can purchase either a sidebar ad or a more economical link on a Mmmakers page that is listed on the nav bar so folks will know where to find you and buy your MmmCrafts stuff. More information on that is here.

"What about the free patterns like Molly Monkey and the tooth pillow?" You can make and sell from those patterns also under the conditions above, although I'd greatly appreciate a donation if you do. I have plans to offer a much improved tooth pillow pattern for purchase in my shop that will have no glue required and some great accessories. That will come eventually.

Corresponding to the change in policy I've made a small increase in the cost of the patterns in the shop. I know you understand about that, since that's the only fair way I can think of to share in some of your selling success and compensate myself for the long hours without making it a huge pain in the tuckus. Thanks so much for your support!


  1. This is wonderful news. Thank you for kindly making this possible...not that I'm ready to do anything yet. The possibility alone is wonderful.

  2. This is really kind of you. I think this is a great way for you to show your support for others. I visit your blog most for inspiration than anything, but I still find this very refreshing to read. :)

  3. Yhis is really kind of you. What about the free Molly Monkey pattern- Should we purchase that if we are wanting to sell it?

  4. Thankyou Larissa, This is very kind of you, I have had so many request to make these for people and they were to purchase but have had to refuse them. And as the other comments what about Molly Monkey and the the other free downloads? Again thankyou so much.

  5. Hey, there, y'all. Yes, you can make Molly Monkeys to sell. If you do that you might consider making a donation. Also I'm going to make a deluxe version of the tooth pillow pattern for the shop that is new and improved and includes some accessories. This is a work in progress! I'll be updating some things.

  6. Larissa - this is FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for considering those home sewists who adore your patterns. :)

  7. Good for you, glad you figured out a way to make this work for everyone.


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