Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kathreen's Crafternoon giveaway

Quick FYI: Trip on over to Whip Up and enter the giveaway if you are interested in winning a copy of both Kids' Crafternoon books!

I want to thank you guys for the prodigious list of potential summer reads I have in my power now. I will have it with me on my next trip to the library. Now I just hope they have at least some of your titles on the shelves. Also thanks so much to those who offered must-see sights and to-dos for London. Those are going on the list too. I cannot. Tell you. How excited I am about that trip. But I will probably try to anyway as the time draws near.


  1. Will it be "just" 5 days of London or will you pay other citys a visit as well?

    You will love London, it is a place for creativity I think and the historical buildings, the pubs - you have to go to a great old pub - they are cozy, food is yummy and have a glass of Cider (Strong Bow) - hmmmmmmmm.

    I will ask my eldest friend who used to live there for a good pub, OK?

  2. Nö, oh how I wish it was for longer and covered other cities. We might take a train to other locales in England or Scotland, but don't know yet. Thanks for the recommends, I'm mostly a teetotaler but something cozy in a pub sounds great.


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