Tuesday, July 26, 2011

music we like. thanks, robyn.

Try it. Sing the first few bars of Beethoven's 5th Symphony with these words:

Beethoven's wiiiiiig...is very biiiiiiig
Beethoven's wig is long and curly and it's white!
Beethoven takes his wig off when he sleeps at night!
Because it's big
It's very big
Beethoven's wig...is...BIG!
It's really biiiiig!

See? Funny. And you'll never forget who wrote that symphony.

I owe a good bit of our girls' musical CD collection to my BFF. She's gifted us with so many great musical finds for the kids, and they invariably love them, like Elizabeth Mitchell and Dan Zanes. Richard Perlmutter's Beethoven's Wig series is just the latest. There are several CDs in the series. We have the first two.

Check it out if you have kids and especially if you home school. Your little dears will secretly learn useful facts about classical music history without ever knowing it. He takes well-known piano and symphony pieces and sets them to completely silly but sneakily educational lyrics. The songs are really funny for adults too, so you won't want to stab your ears when you are listening to it in the van for the tenth time. We all sing along. I'm still trying to keep up with Can You Can Can?, especially with the exaggerated french accents thrown in. You must just go to the website and listen to sample songs, and you'll see what I mean.


  1. I teach music to 0-6 year olds and Elizabeth Mitchell and Dan Zanes are some of the favs in the listening section, Mitchell's Little Bird, and Stop and Go with Lisa Loeb, that one gets everyone dancing! Gonna check out the Beethoven!

  2. :) So glad you like and aren't completely annoyed. My favorite is "Please Don't Play Your Violin at Night".

  3. Kerry, I'll have to check out Lisa Loeb. I didn't know she did kid's music.

    Robyn, I love that one! Sheep will never help me sleeeeep! (You must try counting sheep!) No sheep won't help me sleep! (You should try counting sheep!) Sheep sheep sheep...

  4. I'm going to have to get one for us. The kids are always looking for new music and they would love this!


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