Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book winner!

Wow, y'all, I really enjoyed every story about your childhood crafting. The magical Grandma closets filled with crafting supplies, the palaminos (Candace, oh the towers of paper filled with adolescent horse drawings I did in my day), the inventive Barbie clothes (a wash cloth makes a stunning formal if you know what you are doing), the toilet paper crafts, friendship bracelet making (wow, I had a huge wave of nostalgia over that one; those were serious business and you could NOT remove them, you had to wait for them to fall off on their own or risk irreparable damage to your friendship), the soggy crepe paper fairy skirt disaster (bless your heart!), the heart rending gift of the treasured pipe cleaner fairy, the thirty year old cross stitch WIP (now I don't feel so bad, Olivia, thanks), the magazine scrap books (oh my word MUCILAGE GLUE! can't tell you how many years since I thought of that stuff), the blood on the ceiling (see now you will have to search the comments to clarify that one), and the long suffering family members who oohed and ahhed over your creations and then patiently cleaned up your mess.

I just had a ball reading all of those and it brought on a flood of memories for me. Besides drawing unicorns and damsels on any available paper to be had, I made childhood forays into modeling clay, latch hooking, cross stitch, puppet making, doll making, and all kinds of 3D paper creations. I remember toiling for hours to make a 8 inch 3D paper doll who had the most beautiful auburn sewing thread hair and was completely posable in all her joints. I made her dresses and paper shoes, and a pair of fairy wings, and I constructed a house for her inside a bookshelf with paper furniture, all the way down to tiny paper flakes inside a tiny cereal box (with advertisements drawn on the back, so she could read it while she ate from her tiny paper cereal bowl). Sigh. I did all of that at a table my mom set up in the garage because me and my constant craft mess had been banished from the house.

(Snapping back to the present) So! On to the giveaway portion of the post! Brought to you by the power of random number pickery, the lucky winner of the Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft book is...
hi, I'm Kat!
Congratulations! Kat, I'll be contacting you for the snail mail details and I'll get your book on its way. A big thank you to publisher Hardie Grant for providing the giveaway copy!

Thanks everybody! Hey, if you missed out I just saw there are giveaways for both books still going at Maggie Makes and Elizabeth Abernathy. Go jump in. You can follow the rest of the blog tour here.

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