Saturday, September 3, 2011

British Word of the Day

Row. Rhymes with cow. "Blimey, all I said was that her bum had gotten a bit wide, and then we got in a frightful row."

Late Note: According to the comments, a bloke who says 'blimey' would probably never say 'frightful' (too high brow) unless of course they were making fun of someone posh who does say frightful. So it should probably be more like "Blimey, all I said was that she'd got a bit broad in the beam, and then we had bleedin' row," or perhaps "Look here, I simply pointed out the obvious about her um, lower end, you know, and then we had a frightful row."

And we'd just say 'had an argument' (posh) or 'got in a fight' (not posh) or possibly 'hairweaves a flyin' (Jerry Springer).


  1. Great! What do you have if you don't have a row?
    '(a bit) broad in the beam' also means 'big bum' but that may be more of a Northern thing...

  2. Love the use of the word frightful although I suspect only the more well spoken might use that. Anyway I don't row I either "have a barney" or "heated discussion" LOL Don't ask me where barney comes from as I have no idea!!!!

  3. I can't imagine anyone who says blimey would use the word frightful - far too posh. These posts are so funny - I'm starting to believe we really do speak two different languages!

  4. Enjoying this series. "Gotten" is not something we say in Britain BTW - so this would be: "Blimey, all I said was her bum had got a bit big, and then we got in a frightful row." (Although I agree that someone who says blimey probably wouldn't say frightful. Blimey is not a high class thing to say. Frightful is a high class thing to say.)

    Also we tend to just say plaster rather than elastoplast. (I have never heard anyone say elastoplast.)

    Sarah x

  5. Bitsy Beans, I believe the expression 'barney' may come from Cockney rhyming slang, in which Barney Rubble rhymes with trouble? Don't ask me where I picked that up, I have no idea. ha!


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