Thursday, January 12, 2012

my felty valentine: a deal and a contest!

You guys know I love wool felt. Perhaps that is not a strong enough word. I'm mad-crazy for it. So this post is especially for my fellow wool felt enthusiasts. Wonderful Janet, mmmcrafts sponsor and owner of top notch etsy shop, Felt On The Fly, is offering my readers a BOGO deal featuring this pretty wool felt die-cut set with hearts and keys.

Here's the deal: When you purchase any gorgeous, five-piece Color Story ($15 US) from her shop, be sure to mention "mmmcrafts" in the note to seller box. When you do that, Janet will include a free Felt Hearts die cut set with your purchase! The set includes all that you see in the photo above. That's a $7.50 value. (This BOGO offer ends Feb 10th)

 Just a few of the Color Stories available.

I speak from personal experience when I say that Felt On The Fly's 100% wool felt is a joy to use for any craft. It has a substantial, smooth hand and the colors are so bright and rich. Here's a great description from Janet:
My 100% merino wool felt fabric is made from natural, renewable, dyed wool fiber from merino sheep, pressed together using a needle felt/steam process to produce a fabric specifically created for the handwork and fine craft marketplace. It is color fast and fade-resistant. It is very soft, cuts cleanly, does not fray and holds stitches beautifully. It has a nice ‘body’ and holds up very well with use and handling.
Enter the Felty Heart Challenge: Take a great deal one step further. Get creative with the Felty Hearts set! Use it to make something cool. Use all of it or just part of it. Then upload a photo of your creation by February 17th to Janet's Felty Hearts Challenge flickr group.

Here's what you can win: Janet and I will put our heads together and choose a winner from the flickr pool. The lucky winner's creation will be featured on my blog and the winner will receive a free five-piece set of Felt On The Fly's 100% wool felt. The winner can choose a Color Story or create a custom mix from Janet's amazing set of 96 colors. That's five 8 x 12 inch pieces of soft, richly colored 100% merino wool felt to add to your stash.

Go check out her shop, and we will look forward to seeing your beautiful creations!


  1. I LOVE LOVE working with felt, but sadly, I've never worked with 100% wool felt before....I have the leftovers that my mom used 30+ years ago to make my Christmas stocking and that has kept me pretty well stocked over the years. Thanks to Pinterest I'm blowing throw quite a bit of it all of a sudden and really want to get the REAL DEAL soon!!!

    My latest project was a set of crowns for my three kids - completely free and oh so much fun!!!

  2. Hi, I once "found" a small creamy piece of vintage felt and it was so smooth and soft, I held onto it until the right project came along. Now I can touch it every day, as it it hangs on my star wars fan son's cupboard doorknob as a R2-D-tooth from your inspiration & pattern! Tx!

  3. Ooooh my, I just love visiting your blog. Beautiful work and wonderful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Hello! I have been following your blog for a while...I can't remember how I got here. I love everything you make! Just a you have to use all the items in the felt kit on a project? :-)

  5. Hey, Mandy! good question! Let me check with Janet and I'll get right back to you!

  6. Mandy (and anyone else who is wondering), you can use either the whole felt hearts kit or just part of it. Whatever you like!

  7. Just found you through pinterest (your amazing duvet covers for your girls!) and am excited about this deal+contest! Just bought my set and am your newest follower :)

  8. Thanks so much, Larissa, for answering my questions and for visiting my blog. :-) Your comment was sweet.

    I ordered the felt, and I am looking forward to playing with it. I remembered how I got here was through the little plushie lion. You are so very, very talented.

  9. Beautiful felt! I keep trying to find vintage felt at thrift stores etc...pickins r slim...I have to start buying it now. Love 100% wool!


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