Monday, January 9, 2012

valentiney things, a retrospective

 My Valentine Schmalentine free printable from 2011. A very minimal effort card for cynics.

My Wood You free printable from back in 2009. For you foresty types.

My smoochie printable Mwah card and tags from 2010.

Love You bookmarks tutorial with printable template from 2009. Makes a nice handmade gift for those bookworms in your life.

And finally just a little old fashioned papercut card inspiration for you from 2010. No template for these, but if you'd like to try it here are the basic steps: 
  1. Freehand sketch a largish heart lightly in pencil. Slightly wonky is charming. Lightly sketch initials and hearts inside. Or you can use your computer to draw it/type it, but print it backwards on your paper since you won't be able to erase your sketch lines.
  2. Use Xacto blade to cut out letterforms and hearts. Keep any counters you cut out (like those pieces in the middles of Os and As).
  3. Erase your sketch lines if you did it in pencil.
  4. Use hole punches to add interest. I used 1/4 and 1/8 inch in clusters.
  5. Cut out large heart with scallop scissors and glue to a colored piece of cardstock. Glue on the missing counters, or leave them off for a more Rob Ryan feel.


  1. The 'You'll Do' card is still my all-time favorite valentine. Thanks for that. :)

  2. I agree with Xenia. I can just imagine your facial expression when saying it, too. Guess I should start thinking about Valentine's day.

  3. I love all your handmade gifts!!!!! The mouse is so cute and the spy mustaches are great!
    Happy day,

  4. that first card is just hilarious !!!

  5. I'm with Xena and Jessica on the "You'll Do" Valentine. If any card deserved a Louie Award (Annual Greeting Card Association Awards), it would be that one!

  6. I love all things valentines day! Thanks for sharing


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