Monday, May 7, 2012

somebody's been very, very bad

Ok. It was me.

The first time this now iconic quilt fabric line was debuted I lollygagged around and finally bought a charm pack and then *poof* it was all gone. You could find small pieces for sale here and there but they were selling around the same price as uncut diamonds.

Then they released the County Fair line, which caused me brief excitement but it was just not the same. I even signed a petition that circulated a while back begging the Powers That Be to do a Flea Market Fancy reprint.


Now it's available again in a new legacy reprint. The colors have been changed a bit, and some of my favorite variations are missing. (Now, why they got to mess with it like that?) But. Lesson learned, folks. You can bet your sweet bobbin that THIS time I bought plenty.


  1. I did the same thing and was very, very bad, too!

  2. OOOOhhh I love love love Flea market fancy!!! :) I should go buy some and take your advice!

  3. loving the prints! what are you planning on making?

  4. I love that your sneaky buying habit in turn enables ours. Because now we have the excuse that, "Well, Larissa said if you don't buy it now it could be gone forever!" :D

  5. Carmen. Dude. Me? Have a plan? LOL

    Luckandcharm, you are welcome. :-)

  6. I know! As soon as I saw it, I bought 3 yards of that grey with orange flowers. I want to make a dress- but I haven't found the perfect pattern yet. Plus, so far I suck at clothing- so I might wait a ridiculous amount of time before cutting into it.


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