Thursday, June 14, 2012

washi tunic and experimental bloomer shorts

More sewing for the oldest from my beloved Girls Style Book, all from the stash. I thought they would make a cute outfit, but really they don't work that well together. They'll be fine as separates. The youngest insists that they will both fit her too, so these will probably pull some double duty if I can't get around to making some for her. Poor kid. I tend to just let her inherit her sister's clothes. I was the youngest of five girls, so I know how that is to want something just for you for a change.

The tunic is view L which I've made before here, here, here and here. Rashida's Washi fabric is so cheerful and bright for summer, and this time I included the ruffles on the sleeves. I used a hook and eye for the closure because I don't like the ties in the pattern and I've learned from experience that if I use a button it continually gets snarled in her tangly hair.

The shorts started out as a straight up pair of simple elastic waist shorts from View K in the book (see photo below). However, once I got them sewn up they seemed so...Golden Girls. They were too roomy overall and too long, and I started to think maybe I could alter them somehow to cute them up a bit.

I started an inspiration search for 'bloomer shorts' and up popped some images of Oliver + S's Puppet Show shorts. Wow, what a cute pattern that is! Tragically it only goes up to size 5. So I decided to alter my View K shorts by cutting off some length, adding side gathers and cuffs at the leg hems and sewing on gathered pockets. I didn't want them as short, but wanted the same look. How hard can it be, right? (I seem to say that at the beginning of many of my design-as-you-go projects. LOL.) I had to rip off the cuffs a few times to get the length right, and had one foiled attempt on the pockets, but I was indeed victorious in the end.

I might need to make her another pair in denim from the ridiculous stash. If I can replicate my process, that is. I feel like I'm finally participating in KCWC, except major points off for tardiness.


  1. Oh, CUTE!! I'd say all your efforts on the shorts were certainly worth it. Love those gathered pockets, and the cuffs are so nice, too. And who doesn't love that Washi fabric!

  2. I hope you're able to in KCWC in the fall :)

  3. I think they look perfect together! That Washi print is FAB! I may have to order some for myself.

  4. thank you, guys!

    Nest Full Of Eggs, I sure hope so. If I can manage my time. It's the same ol same ol.

  5. These both look fabulous! Love coming to your blog. Always know I will see something lovely and inspiring.


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