Thursday, July 5, 2012

I made lemon curd.

I used Ina Garten's easy recipe. It turned out really great.
I had to strain it though. Maybe it cooked too long? I promise I stirred the whole time. I'll bet Ina doesn't have to strain hers.
I used the lemon curd to make these:

Which were inspired by this Madigan Made pin. Aren't they pretty?
No Bake cheesecake + curd + graham cracker crumbs + fruit.
It's fun to eat them with tiny spoons.
I made the trifle cups for this:

Which was inspired by this shower theme on MS. I have two lovely friends who are both expecting their first babies, and I have always longed to give a children's book shower. This shot was taken before my small gathering arrived. There's a better shot of this including the mommies-to-be with all the food on the table, but I might be in trouble if I published that photo. Not going to risk it. Many thanks to my wonderful co-hostesses who brought even more yummy treats!

Sorry for the flash. Just as I was going to take the photo, a large, angry afternoon thunderstorm rolled in and I lost the light.
 I used the free download on the MS site to make these:

Pretty bookplates painted by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. I love just about anything from Rifle, and these bookplates were perfect for the girly party. I had pink fabric crates to hold the unwrapped books for each Mommy and pens and glue stick available to personalize and attach the bookplates.

The paper books hanging on the lamp were stapled together from colored paper and taped to baker's twine. The paper "Mommy, will you read to me?" garland I made by cutting out quick hand-sketched letters and taping them to baker's twine. Easy.

A not-that-much-better shot of the cake and the book garland hanging from the lamp. I'm not a baker, but Publix has bakers. And they make cakes for you! However, they get a bit puzzled when you say "Just plain. I don't want decorations on it." I ordered a vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and raspberry filling, then quickly stuck on raspberry M&Ms* for decoration. No, sorry, it was much more complex than that: I artfully arranged alternating colored M&Ms around the cake. Sounds much more skilled, yes? The pennants on top were made with colored paper folded around and glued to lollipop sticks.

Notice my curtains are different? *Sigh* I know. I'm so dysfunctional. These new ones are from IKEA (thanks for pushing me over the edge, Rae) and are way too long at the moment. But the ones I made were just not working for me colorwise. Anyone interested in purchasing four gently-used handmade curtains? LOL.

And now I'm afraid the hutch interior needs to be green. Right?

*I didn't know there was such a thing as dark chocolate raspberry M&Ms until I mentioned I was looking for pink and red candies to decorate a cake with, and the nice drugstore cashier lady suggested it. Thanks, nice cashier lady! They were perfect! And delicious! And much larger than normal M&Ms. I would give you guys an official link to them, but the M&Ms website asked me to confirm my age first (as if) and I protest. I found them in the candy aisle at the drugstore.


  1. I keep meaning to make lemon curd but always end up buying a jar instead. I love the taste especially in a sponge cake. Sounds like you had a good party.

  2. Jaqui, I didn't know you could buy it in a jar until Robyn pointed that out to me! LOL. Anyway, it's not that much trouble to make. MMM MMM MM! Yes, it was a fun party.

  3. What a fun shower theme!! I'm planning my sister's wedding shower right now, and I'm definitely using this theme for her NEXT shower. ;)

  4. QuiltyGirl, fun! I love planning a shower. It's the actual execution that gives me troubles. ha! Congratulations to your sister!

  5. This is such a wonderful shower theme -- too cute! One of my best friends is an English teacher, and I think I see a book-themed baby shower in her near future. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    - Jennifer @ JennJill Designs

  6. I made Ina's recipe and wished I had strained it after. Then I read the reviews....lots of people wound up straining theirs. But oh man....sooooo good!

  7. Haha LOVE it!!

    Actually, I feel strongly that these curtains should not be combined with green in any way, too matchy fact I feel they look fantastic with all shades of blue!!! But you gotta do what you gotta do.


  8. Rae, I think I like that, since it means less painting for me!


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