Tuesday, July 10, 2012

math is better with friends.

Blueberry, Daisy, Cheddar and Wallace look on as Thing 2 soldiers through her math lesson. Counting down the final days until our late summer break. We love year round schooling, but this mom my two students are really ready for the year's end here at Holland Academy For Young Ladies.


  1. Cute photo! I so admire you for being able to homeschool. Not everyone can do that... like me. ;)

  2. Thanks, Grandma G! We love it and are thankful to have the choice. We are very lucky to live in a state that is very home school friendly and in a country where it is still legal. Not so in a lot of places around the world, and if the USA ain't careful, we'll be headed that way.

  3. Hello!
    I plan on buying your super cute Travel Wee pattern, but just wanted to know if you state the size safety eyes you used in the pattern directions? I would like to buy some on line.

  4. Hi, Cherie! Yes, the eyes I used are 6mm. There's a list of everything you need as well as a helpful resource page in the back of the pattern for online sources I use and love! Thanks!

  5. Cherie, if you go here and mouse over the picture that shows the pattern (it will zoom as you mouse over), you may be able to read the whole materials list before you buy:

  6. I also admire you for homeschooling. It must be a wonderful way of teaching the girls. In Germany it is not allowed to do so, in autumn the girl will be attending 1st class and I am excited and so is she.

    But ahead of it are the summer holidays, looking foreward to it, no hurry in the morning and a lot of time together.

    Enjoy the countdown!

  7. Nina, thanks so much! And congratulations on your sweet girl's first year in school coming. Very exciting, I remember well that feeling of my first day at school, wearing new shoes and an apple on my shirt that had my name on it. What a sweet teacher I had. Enjoy your summer holidays. I just love mornings with no hurrying.

  8. Such a great idea! I have an 11 year old daughter that struggles with math and this project is something we will do together. It really is the little things that can change a child's perspective of a subject or situation! Thank you so much!!
    Also, do you mind if I add your awesome blog to the links list on my blog? I 'll wait to hear back!!


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