Monday, August 20, 2012

dubba digits for Thing 1

Despite my quite reasonable requests for her to remain nine, my oldest daughter ticked over from single to double digits a few days ago. Gah. Her age and height have been recorded on the wall in the schoolroom so it's official. Ten. It just sounds so old.

Oh, wait, that's me.

While her wonder years seem to be racing away at top speed, I'm so thankful to God as I see her mature and grow into a sweet, imaginative, kind, and comical spirit. She's such a blessing to our whole family. My responsible one. The one I can count on to remind me of things I forget. Along with that she also must know EVERYTHING that is going on. She quizzes me after every phone call, consults the family calendar, reads facebook posts over my shoulder, squeezes in beside me whenever I answer the door.

She always remembers where we are parked. Actually she can still tell you the lot number we parked in at last year's vacation. At ten she's already made it in and out of a set of braces. Poor kid, she got both of our wayward teeth. She loves to read read read. I was recently amused to see she'd packed not one, but two novels with her pajamas for a spend the night party. She also loves video games, horses, NASCAR, koalas, football, pandas, Looney Tunes, swimming, and drawing most of all. She's been working on writing and illustrating an epic story about a bird, a dog and a cat for some months now. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

She says when she grows up and gets married that she will live in a house on our street so she can come over every day. (my heart squeezing painfully)

I bought her Parisian chihuahua T-shirt at the same time I bought Thing 2's and just stashed it away. Recently I put a matching skirt together to complete her birthday outfit from some Echino I had in the stash. Remember I got it at Stitch Lab, Bob? I was inspired by a really cute skirt that Robyn had made for her kiddo. Sorry, no picture available, wish there was. It is a simple elastic waist skirt but has these great gapey pockets in a contrasting fabric. I tried to do the same for mine, but I think the pockets need to be maybe wider at top or possibly gathered in order to have the nice gape that Robyn's pockets do. I love that look and I didn't quite get there, although I am very happy with the skirt.

I used Anna Maria Horner's fantastic Flirting The Issue tutorial (with some mods) because Thing 1 looks better in a wider waistband. It was my first time using it and I love how the skirt gets an automatic lining with the way it is constructed and also the more controllable method of using multiple channels with elastic instead instead of shirring. I used one less waistband channel than specified, so the waistband isn't as wide as the adult version. I added a ruffle to the bottom of the inner lining so that it peeks out under the skirt. The double layers of fabric also make Thing 1's skirt pretty substantial because I used heavier linen/cotton instead of lightweight voile. That means it will be great for fall and early winter too and I can't wait to see it with tights and clogs instead of flip flops.

I also made her the traditional birthday mixtape. They both adore this. I kinda love it too. I spend a lot of time choosing the songs and I'm rewarded each time with great enthusiasm. These CDs get heavy rotation for years so the work is totally worth it. I just need to get better about making a note of good songs as the year goes by instead of trying to come up with a playlist the week before.

I forgot to blog her mixtape from her last birthday so here it is:


  1. What a sweet post! I love those first two photos. Happy Birthday, "Thing 1"!!

  2. Great skirt! Love all the details. Happy 10th Birthday to your oldest! My oldest is still on her way to 7 but there are some similarities shared between yours and mine. The uncanny memory, the need to know EVERYTHING that takes place, the reading reading reading, the horses, and the drawing a writing. Add to that a super strong will and loads of drama and that would be a well rounded description of my girl :). Hope you and yours are doing well!!

  3. lGreat post. I love how you make those mix tapes and draw on them. It's so amazing. I know I would cherish it!

  4. Such creative and fun, not to mention wonderfully age-appropriate, birthday ideas! Happy Birthday T1!

  5. i LOVE how you write about your daughter...
    Happy Birthday from Germany...

  6. That's always great to see happy faces around:) Happy birthday to your daughter! God bless your family.

  7. Wow! You're like, the best mom ever. :) CD mix for their birthday's? I'm TOTALLY stealing that. My girls and I dance to A Little Respect as often as possible. ;)

  8. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes to my girl. Y'all are so kind, always.

    Katie, we should probably make sure they never meet. Might be dangerous.

    Yes, by all means, steal the mixtape idea! Play it loud the moment they wake up! It's all kinds of fun.

  9. Mix tape gift?! Seriously fun mom!!

  10. Oh they grow too fast. 10 is a great age - she is a great and sweet young lady!

    The skirt is cool and I can understand you keep the self made clothes, so do I ; )


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