Sunday, August 26, 2012

etsy finds

After seeing it on Pinterest, this feather print by Marisa Redondo is now on my desk and destined for a frame on my mantel. The print is vibrant and pretty much indistinguishable from a real watercolor, and on very nice textured watercolor paper too. I was going to say the print "winged its way to me' but my internal editor was rolling her eyes. She needs to loosen up.

You guys know I love Elsa Mora's detailed (and sometimes disturbing) papercuts, and I finally bought this sweet quartet from her to cut out myself. So pretty, and just looking at all the tiny spaces and points to cut out makes me happy with the squinty, crampy kind of happy only papercutters know.


  1. Ha, I've had those paper cuts for a while now. When you're finished cutting and framing yours, you can come down here and work on mine. ;) Really love the feather prints, too!

  2. Yes, I know! You inspired me to purchase them. They've been in my shopping cart since I came home from LA. The feather print looks great on the mantel.

  3. Be not afraid! Elsa's papercuts are super fun to cut!! And her tips make it a snap, honestly.

    Enjoy! Cynthia


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