Wednesday, August 1, 2012

pillows pillows pillows

I have the pillow making bug lately. We just needed more pillows to live on our couches anyway, because when we sit down we each grab one or more pillows to cushion books and gadgets on laps and to prop under various body parts.

The added piping makes a nice splash of bright against the darker fabrics. The blue pillow fabric is from one of my favorite collections ever from Anna Maria Horner, Good Folks, and the applique one is from chambray and cotton solids, all from the stash, except for the teal piping.

 It is my fond hope to replace this old sleeper sofa with a nice white canvas sleeper sofa. But for now, it is brown. Alas.

The new pillows add a needed splash of color on both couches (the other green ones are from West Elm). The covers are made in my favorite simple envelope method, which means easy removal for washing (or switching out) and no zippers to sew in.

Joann had pillow inserts on sale for 50% off when I went there yesterday for piping. Plus the added bonus of 15% off with my teacher's discount. Did you know about that?

Anyway, with that incentive I decided to get six cheap 18 inch square inserts and attempt to do easy cop-out-no-gusset seat cushions for my kitchen chairs. Finally. Our backsides will be so thankful. The hardest part will be fabric selection. I want them to look eclectic in a good way and not too matchy matchy with the curtains. I'm thinking they must have contrast piping and covered buttons. Kinda married to that but it limits me because I'm so loving the idea of yellow piping. Also I'm thinking I can squeeze the square insert into a slightly trapezoid shaped pillow cover, since the seats of the chairs are not quite square. So all of this is a huge experiment which may end in tears. Or triumph. Very possibly with triumph. I'll stay positive.

And, stay tuned for a tutorial and template to make your own four leaf pillow.


  1. Those. Are. Awesome! Well done. I have no doubt this will end in triumph. If the pillows don't quite fit, I bet you could sew them into a trapezoid shape and cut off some of the extra. But, I bet the shape is not so much of a severe change that it can just be squeezed in. Good luck! (as if you need it....snort)

  2. Piping just adds so much, doesn't it? Beautiful pillows!

  3. I actually like the light brown sofa in the first pic. Great color to have with kids.

    Thanks for the tip re teacher discount. I had no idea. Are they particular about what you buy like B & N?

  4. Mama Pea, LOL, thank you, and my thoughts exactly re: sewing and trimming off a bit of the insert to fit. But I was hoping I could just squash them in. Fingers crossed.

    Grandma G, thank you and yes! Piping can give any project a visual upgrade. I'd love to sew some clothes with piping someday.

  5. Barbara, I do like that sofa. I'm just sooooooo ready for a color that is not light brown. The rest of the room is in aqua, creams and green. I'm all into clean and bright lately. But yes, it was great to have with smaller kids. Glad to help re: discount. Nope, it's just 15% off the total of every purchase as far as I have experienced. Check the web link for exceptions.

  6. Oh the pillows are great and I can see there's a new sofa needed - just because of the colour, of course...


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