Friday, August 17, 2012

stack of happy

I'm a sucker for dots and stripes. There is a delightful selection of the Michael Miller Ta Dot fabrics at FabricWorm (check out the awesome fat quarter set), but the Clown Stripe is a little harder to find. I'd love to get some in the more unusual colorways like lagoon, turf and sorbet. There is also some ticking thrown in there (still trying to figure out what to use for my kitchen cushions).

I didn't buy these fabrics as a set, but I think they look great together. What a fun quilt they'd make! I've made a few hundred quilts in my head, which is totally the same as in real life, right?


  1. These fabrics look pretty fabulous next to your leaf pillows.

  2. You're right, they are kinda complementary! Didn't notice that!

  3. I think one day I'm going to open a fabric shop just so I have a valid reason to buy a bolt of those stripes in every color. And the dots. But I'd probably have trouble parting with them, HA!

  4. I was looking for some applique patterns, I came upon your flickr photoes and I hurried up to your blog, you produce really really marvellous things... Nice to know you, I'll try to immitate some of your products :) Hugs...


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