Friday, September 21, 2012

what I'm up to

For one, I finally got the design/pattern for my kitchen chair cushions whipped, but yeah, I haven't actually made the final cushions yet. Other things keep pushing in front of finishing these stinkety blinkety schminkety things. The one you see above is almost right. It's not completely sewn together in back because it's a bit too big anyway and I just slapped the stuffing in there so it's kind of flat.

The main reason for the delay was the usual: wrestling endlessly with colors and prints. I think I've finally settled on this timeless black/ivory ticking, accented with bright yellow buttons and piping. Still not sure about the ties. Makes sense for them to be yellow, but I keep thinking that it's too much yellow and should I just make them from ticking. More work. That's making the yellow look better. Also I keep thinking how awesome it would be to have six different fabric cushions that somehow go together without being too matchy matchy but still complement the kitchen curtains and hutch and don't end up looking like a big ol' busy mess. Easy, right? I have spent way too much time looking at fabrics, so basically I need to close my eyes and just SEW six that are identical for PETE'S EVER LOVIN' SAKE. I can't make myself do it though. (Bonking forehead against table). Welcome to my world.

Also, my international bestie's birthday is approaching fast (it's September the WHAT??), and I need to finish the handmade portion of her birthday stuff. Which I can't share until she receives it in Brazil. That will be a first. Wonder how much postage will be?

In addition I have several needle books living in my head and also some half started, and even went so far as to drag out some felt the other day, but had to put it aside as other things came up.

Also I'm making a special gift for a small someone I love and can't wait to get it finished! (bouncing in chair)

So despite the blog silences, I have been busy making. Just not sharing.

Oh, I ordered a Silhouette Cameo the other day. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I can't wait to get my mitts on that thing. I have so many ideas for cut paper goodies. (Looking away and up in unfocused, dreamy fashion.) It should be here in a few days. Where in the world am I going to put that thing? I hope it is not huge. I have no surfaces left in my studio. Or plugs for that matter.


  1. Cushion looks awesome but I get your fabric dilemma - oh the curse of a fabric addict . I could suggest making 2 sets so you can sometimes mix them up but that would be just too cruel - argh more fabric choices!

  2. I´d suggest to make the fronts of the same fabric and use different fabrics for the back so you can change the look easily. Verrrry helpful, right? ;-)

  3. Oh Larissa I feel your pain. I have fabric hanging in the closet for three different sets of drapes/curtains. Can I get them made, heck no. I procrastinate on sewing long straight lines.
    On the pillows, have you considered doing a box pillow with the ticking on top and bottom and wrapping the sides with a pattern? Just a thought.

  4. Those look great! What about black ties, then they'd hide with the legs of the chair? Whatever you do it will be lovely I'm sure. It always is. And done is better than whatever it is that isn't done, right ;)

    Also, I have been waiting for an eternity for more needle books! Gray turquoise and coral are my favorite colors. ;) I hope I am fast enough to buy one this time!

  5. She shoots, she scores! I adore your choice of colors in the pieces you design for your home.

  6. Craftysquirrel and Needle little Balance, not helping! ;-)

    Kate, c'mon. Seriously? Six pillows with gussets and TWICE the piping. I'm now laughing at you in a scoffing manner. ;-)

    Pinksuedeshoe, I considered black ties but can't envision it. ARgh.

    Shelly, thank you!

  7. I got a cameo a while back. I love it but I don't always know what to do with it. I hope you'll bombard me with inspiration.

    What if you made all the cushions out of the ticking, but you made the piping and buttons a different color on each (to match the curtains). They would have the fun of being a little different and not being to matchy matchy, but it wouldn't be too much work to come up with a new combination. A thought.

  8. Super darling cushions!! They are fabulous with the chairs and curtains! Totally LOVE them with the contrasting yellow! So sunny, hip, cheerful, classy, and just plain super cute! I'll have to Pin it so my eldest daughter can be inspired. She has black and white and yellow & grey accents in her kitchen area. Great classy combo!

    Sounds like my life right now, having a blast making gifts for the 10 family/friends birthdays in the next 2 months. Enjoy!

    And thanks for sharing!

  9. There are many things I could say about this post, if only I could keep "oooh-handmade-goodies-from-Larissa" from pulsing through my head...

  10. You make me smile!

    If you can't find a place to put 'that thing', I have a perfect place for it in my craft room. ;)

  11. Wow, you have never idle hands as soon as the summer holidays are over ; )

    We have been moving yesterday. I really wonder how many things a family of four needs? I mean packing it all and unpacking again... I remember my first move - had hardly anything to pack, and now? I want to say it's the kids stuff (nope, so what is the best thing to do? Stopping buying things? Chucking it all out? Do not move again? You name it...

  12. Nina, *groan* I hate packing up to move. Things I've treasured for years somehow end up on the curb because I can't abide the thought of hauling it to the next house. We have an attic stuffed full of things I'd probably never miss. I don't know how we accumulate some massive amounts of useless things! LOL


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