Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year! (cough cough)

Hey, everybody! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year's eve. I know I did. Except for the plague that is currently felling most of my household. It's all good though. I rang in the new year with the same pair of jammies on that I had worn since Sunday, huddled under a quilt in front of the TV with a box of Kleenex and a glass of sparkly grape juice next to my cough syrup. Yuh huh. I know how to party, ye-ah c'mon.

Some random holiday moments:
  1. Managed to get gift making done by the deadline, but frazzled as usual. However I still have a couple things to make for Robyn. We agreed not to exchange gifts this year since we are going on a little girl trip soon while she's in the States (however she still sent my Schmoopie some much envied homemade Piggy Corn), but I still need to make the next two 12 Days ornaments or we will be old old women by the time I'm finished. Botched the first attempt at Goose-A-Laying and lost the momentum. 
  2. Had a birthday also. Can I hear a chorus of groans from fellow December babies? No. Time. To. Ever. Savor. Holiday. Birthday. My beautiful MIL makes me a killer tiramisu each year which I get mostly to myself because of the number of coffee hatas I live with. Weirdos. Thanks, Paula! It was ridiculicious. Just kidding about the weirdo thing.
  3. Took a well-stocked travel bag of felt crafts with me for my week-long trip to my mom and never even unzipped the bag.
  4. Finally saw Skyfall on 'date' with husband but had to fight our way to the Rave against the driving rain/freezing wind/snow, after which we shivered in a frigid theatre. (Please, Mr. Scrooge. Won't you put another piece of coal on the fire? Think we paid for some.)
  5. Second year running...wait. Maybe third? I was a huge loo-hooser and didn't get many Christmas cards sent out. My apologies to all our extended family and friends who take the time to bless us with a card or photo. I'll will have to knuckle under next year and just order some ever-lovin photo cards.
  6. Speaking of which, Hi, Traci. (waving) Yes, another year I've received one from you and didn't send you a blessed thing. (Dearest Traci was my college roommate and I'm pretty horrible at keeping in touch, but she reads the blog, so I'm just going to hold the rest of you hostage while I chat with her.) Hey, your beautiful girls are way too big by the way. I'm not that old. Kiss Jeff from us. Hey, in case you didn't know, your elder = Traci clone, younger = Jeff clone. It's the opposite for ours. Acknowledge. Over.
  7. Some blogging rule suggests having pictures to break up long blocks of text, so you need to imagine a relevant, eye-catching, well-composed photo right here.
  8. Just finished reading The Talented Mr Ripley. What a tense read. His talent was remembering all the lies he told and to whom he told them and concealing his contempt for all other human beings. I remember a movie came out for that a long time ago, and now I'll have to revisit it.
  9. Starting on new book now, Call The Midwife. And now it seems like I only read books that have also been produced on TV or film. Not true. Actually I didn't know this was also a TV show until I talked with my Dad. I'm so uninformed. I'll have to watch it, although I hear it is a bit too true to life. I'm still scarred from watching some obstetric films with my sister when she was in nursing school.
  10. Had less than 20 minutes this year to speed shop through the Christmas clearance aisles at Target, but still managed to make it to the register with an armload. Oversized bottle brush trees! Little ceramic acorn bird house ornaments! I resisted the tempting rolls of heartbreak wrapping paper. So attractive in bins, so thin and worthless when you actually try to wrap something.
  11. I was thrilled to receive the BBC production of Jane Eyre on DVD for Christmas. Best Jane Eyre ever filmed, hands down. Oh, sir! I mean Mr. Rochester! I mean Edward!
  12. I felt increasingly disconnected to popular culture when I realized that I had no idea who any of the celebs were on the podium with Ryan Seacrest while the ball dropped in New York. Might as well get a bunch of cats and start waving my cane at people.
  13. What else. Oh, yeah, I'll start the parade of handmade soon and show you the stuff I managed to finish for gifts. Also need to share the pretties Robyn sent me for my birfday!


  1. Happy New Year Larissa! All the best to you.

  2. Happy new Year! Enjoy the holidays, even though busy :)

  3. I love Jane Eyre....might just have to check out the BBC version. When was it made?

  4. Christy, thanks so much! Coffee Cat is still cherished! Happy new year to you too!

    Hindustanka, yes, busy, but good! Hope yours was too!

    Heather F, you'll love it. Maybe 2006? Link within paragraph has more info, but my mom found it on DVD easily.

  5. I can't believe I read your whole post! LOL I never read posts, only look at the pictures. But it was fun to read! Thank you for the recommendation on the books. I've placed a hold on "The Midwife" Happy New Year!!!gnetore

  6. Cindy, I'm impressed. I didn't even read all of my post. Did you see how long it was? LOL. Glad you soldiered through it! Happy new year and I hope you enjoy the book! I'm not that far into it.

  7. FWIW, I didn't send cards this year either although I meant to, and.. I actually really like all the photo cards/postcards that we receive from folks. We get to see a new updated photo of them (especially nice for family that doesn't live nearby) AND we keep them up on the fridge all year long so we see their smiling faces often. :) So, long live the photo cards. :D


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