Thursday, January 24, 2013

where we stayed in Santa Fe

If you've ever wondered what Santa Fe, NM is like in January, it's lovely. Also it's cold. My superfriend Robyn is in the states for a bit and we decided on a girl jaunt to New Mexico instead of Christmas gifts this past year. Excellent choice. It's what I term an arty town, with great views, galleries, museums, shopping and food. Mmm. Food.

Actually I think the area was having an unusual cold snap the week we were there. As our plane touched down all I could see were grey skies and snow gusting around. It was two degrees F. Yes. Two. As in one plus one. With a -15 F wind chill factor. It was difficult to make ourselves go out of the cozy airport and get in the rental car.

But we are glad we did, otherwise we wouldn't have enjoyed gourmet breakfasts like this. Omelet with corn, cheese and spices and some kind of mole and cream drizzled over it. Nom nom nom. Whatever it was, it was gone in a matter of moments.

This is the breakfast room at our B&B, Ravens Ridge (great find, Robyn!). It's a few miles away from the city center, nestled back on a hill, with an excellent view of the mountains.

Our affable hosts, Judge and Phyllis, gave only the best recommendations for dining and fun while we were there, as well as filling us with scrumptious homemade foods and generally pampering us during our stay.

This is a really terrible shot of our room, but I wanted you to see the cozy kiva fireplace we had. (There are much better shots of the rooms and grounds on their website.) It was great to come in from the cold after dark, watch a movie and huddle by the fire.

It didn't stay grey and cloudy for more than a few hours after we arrived. The sun came out and it warmed up to the 30s and 40s later in the week, sunny every day and gorgeous. The cold was actually a nice change for both of us. You know Robyn lives near the equator and Atlanta was having another freaky warm spell when I left so it was nice to break out the sweaters and mittens for a change.

Next post: what we ate in Santa Fe.


  1. Yay for spending time with best friends!!

  2. So jealous!! I love your little fireplace.

    1. Thanks, Skooks! It put out a lot of heat. We laughed as we lit it one evening. There was an actual muffin in the kindling. We kept trying to figure out why a muffin would be in there.


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