Monday, April 1, 2013

easter hoppiness

Among the other treats were these two bunny mixtapes I made for the girls' Easter baskets of some of their favorite Christian artists. (Like my clever Washi-like patches over their names?) After burning the CDs I wrote their names on the actual CD and an Easter message from Mom and Dad with a Sharpie. I punched one-inch circles for eyes and nose and glued them on the outside of the CD cases, then glued on smaller circles for the middles of the eyes. I added the bunny lips with a Sharpie marker. Lastly I cut out two freehand bunny ears from cardstock and glued those to the back of the CD case.


We were blessed to spend some time with our extended family this weekend. We colored eggs on Friday, and the sight of PAAS boxes and the smell of the warm white vinegar transported me back to many of my childhood Easters and me patiently waiting my turn with the wire egg dippers and planning my killer color combinations. We had beautiful weather on Saturday for the Easter egg hunt, and a lovely cozy family dinner after worship on the rainy Easter Sunday. I hope yours was blessed with love and family too.


  1. Thank you. For some reason with all of the Easter posts I've read lately, it's been hard to discern where Christ was in the crafts/festivities/baskets. The CDs are a great idea and one that will carry the message far longer than the sugar high from the chocolates.

    1. Thanks, Skooks, they really like them! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Re: sugar high, I am trying to transition out of so much candy, so among the sugary treats in the basket were also sparkly fingernail polish and a pair of summer sandals from Target.


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