Thursday, July 25, 2013

camera strap for Roo

My niece, Raven, is fast becoming a skilled photographer. (I love you, Roo!) It's so nice to have talented people in the family. She saved her money from her first job and was recently able to purchase her dream camera. She soon found that the strap that came with the dream camera was not designed with comfort in mind.

I was recently there to visit, so we put our heads together and made a trip to the fabric store to remedy that problem. Tada, her new super comfy camera strap cover!

She chose this lovely owl fabric for the cover front...

...and we picked out a super soft purple cotton flannel for the back. The strap also has a layer of fusible fleece interfacing inside (that was a new one on me) to give it extra cushion. 

I sewed it up at my mom's house (does anyone else travel with their sewing machine?) and I think it took me about twenty minutes all told. I used this handy tutorial by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew, and it couldn't have been easier to make. Although Raven's strap was a different length and width than in the tutorial so I had to do MATH. But it turned out OK. In fact, the hardest part about the whole process was getting the strap reattached the camera. I let Raven do that part!


  1. That strap looks gorgeous! Really like the little owl fabric, so cute!

    1. vectoriadesigns, thanks so much! Raven has a good eye for fabric!


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