Thursday, September 12, 2013

fall fabric and pretty crochet trims

 AMH and Kaufman linen blends

Crochet trims found at my local Jo-Ann

Fall always puts me in a fabric buyin' and sewin' mood. I make big plans to sew for me and the girls every year and they fizzle because fall also puts me in a pattern designin' mood. But it could still happen. I have loved that Anna Maria Horner Field Study for a long time and splurged on 4 yards of my favorite colorway. I'm seeing a dress of some kind for me. And I had to snag more of the Kaufman Essex also because I love the Wiksten tank I sewed in the blue so much.The fabric is just so nubbly and drapey and good. I'm not sure what I'll do with that. I thought if I ever get around to making a second go at the Wiksten Tova dress it could be so good in that Essex. With tights! And clogs! Sigh.

I was out a couple weeks ago buying supplies for the Wee Princess Pea pattern and was so captivated by the brightly colored cotton crochet trims that I bought some with a plan to make something like a nightgown for the girls. I saw this pin and thought it would be a pretty simple project to make, even with addition of some loose sleeves. Just need to make the time to do it!


  1. Oh how I love that AMH fabric too. Maybe it is time for me to take the plunge and get me some a dat. I have scads of linen on bolts in the basement, should probably do something with that too.

    1. Hey, Kate, YES. Get you some o dat. And if you need to send your bolts of linen somewhere, feel free to send it my way! :-)

  2. I am obsessed with that feather print. I used a different colorway of it on the back of my giant floor pillow I just did. Did you see?

    Also - I love that pin! How sweet are those little dresses/nightgowns?

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